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  1. gavinbpk

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    Routing wise from what I can tell. . . The eastern group has temporarily taken the lead by a thin margin but are still routing about 6 hours slow of the previously leading pack that went west...obviously a reset to still be had at the doldrums...additionally the eastern group will be forced to extend west sometime soon and give up some leverage with a light patch standing in their way that is extending off of Africa. There are a few that tried to go far west and got hosed but right now I think it will come down to how quickly the mid/west group can cross the ridge and escape the edge of the mid-Atlantic high. I am with this group (sailing as "PGB") and based on routing would expect to see gybes from the Western bit of this gang in 1.5 - 3 hours with the eastern guys in the pack hanging on for 2.5-4.5 more hours before the gybe. Plenty to play for but has been a complex escape from what initialy looked like a strong western routing. . .especially considering these VR boats don't care about pounding sea state. . .
  2. gavinbpk

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    Anyone know what time (US Eastern time) the wind updates are? I'm playing along with full options as "PKGB". Lets get a group going. . .