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  1. Raw baba

    My sister wants a chainsaw

    Cordless DeWalt saws-all. Two battery packs. Will tackle anything up to four inch’s.
  2. Raw baba

    Why I still love New Orleans..

    When I was enlisted in the Coon-Ass navy, I would drive out of NO through Jefferson Parish to catch a chopper out to the rigs. On the way to Dulac you go though Des Allemands, once Catfish Capital of the World. I stopped for gas at a country grocery store, filled up my VW squareback, went in to pay, and got myself a 12-inch fried catfish po’boy. The clerk asked if I would like a beer to go with that. “Why, yes I would,” I responded. He proceeded to take a paper quart carton and fill it from the keg under the counter. Back on the two lane road between the ditches, I ran through the gears, driving with my knees, po’boy in one hand, quart of beer in the other. Isn’t this a beautiful world!
  3. Raw baba

    Why I still love New Orleans..

    I remember Buster’s. Banging screen door, mis-matched chairs and flea market linoleum tables. The menu was written in pencil on notebook paper. Beans and rice, trout meunière, grits and grillauds. I ordered the smothered rabbit and a Coke. Buster jerked his thumb over his shoulder and said “Cokes in the machine.” Years later I was working with a dude, told him my Buster’s story and he told me Buster was his Godfather.