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  1. Midnight to Six

    What was the sailing moment you will remember forever?

    I only started sailing at the age of 21. The first summer I did a bit of crewing for a friend on a 30' boat he had built himself over the previous decade. We did some club racing and a couple of local regattas. It was a fun boat to sail, had a bowsprit with a big asymmetrical and went like shit on a reach. It was enough to get me hooked, I loved being out on the water and I loved the social side that came afterwards. I decided to buy a laser that another club member was selling - I wanted to learn how to actually sail rather than just going along for the ride. So fast forward a couple of months, I've been out sailing the laser maybe half a dozen times. I had never gone out in anything more than about 10 knots, although had still managed a few spectacular capsizes. I came down to the club one Sunday afternoon and it was a lot windier than forecast. It was gusting up to 20 knots and I was in two minds about turning around and going back home again. Some of the guys encouraged me to go for it, there were a couple of powerboats on the water so I knew I would have assistance if I got into difficulties. So I thought why not. I launched into an onshore breeze and struggled to keep the boat flat as I tacked a couple of times, making my way out into the chop. I spotted a mooring buoy up ahead and decided that I would bear off around it and have some fun. I slackened the control lines and let out a few feet of sheet. The boat seemed to develop a mind of its own. Never before have I experienced a sense of a total lack of control. It seemed to climb higher and higher out of the water, I really had no idea what was going on. It was the most exhilarating 10 seconds of my life, a bit like sex. Until I veered into a death roll and went screaming face first into the sea with the boat following on top of me. I didn't care though, I righted the boat and went searching for that same phenomenon over and over again. And have been doing so ever since.
  2. Midnight to Six

    Nobody Wants To Take Up Sailing

    We've actually had the opposite at our club racing. Our white sail fleet has pretty much disappeared entirely. We still have a relatively decent turnout but it's always the same core of boats with others coming and going. Most people don't have any issues getting numbers, every boat will usually be fully crewed. We usually sail a couple short of what we would like, but we typically sail better having 4 or 5 guys who really know what they're doing rather than getting in each other's way. We would be more than happy to take out a newcomer if they were keen and needed a ride, but it's not really worth going out to look for numbers.
  3. Midnight to Six

    Dinghy Wear

    I wear the same and am usually quite comfortable. Our water temperature is usually around 8 or 9 degrees with air temperature occasionally reaching the 20s. I usually wear a Zhik Titanium top as well to protect myself from splashes. If it's particularly warm I'll just wear the wetsuit with no top.
  4. Midnight to Six

    J92S sort

    You planning on doing any events? Scottish Series in May always has four or five J92's.