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  1. Things are coming along. Now I need a twin spirit/spinno. I found a boat with the main sheet block I will get. Main set back is rot/Delam in CB trunk wall. The fix will add some weight but I will keep it as light as my gorilla engineering will allow.
  2. At PMYC we have a junior program that ebbs and floods over years. It depends on the advisor, the kid or kids that decide sailing is cool. My feeling on gear is buy a pretty damn good Opti. When you sell that $1500-2500 boat for your 10 yo, you only lose $100-$200. Same with the laser. Like some previous posters, we got a 4.7. It only got used in the gorge at Wind and that first winter every clinic and SLFfrostbite she went to (13 yo, 140lb. ) it blew 20 or so. The 4.7 got used a lot. Yes you spend money on gear but that laser is now for sale for $400 less than bought and minus the trailer we are keeping. There are several beater laser for juniors to use. The kids that want find boats that have good upgrades and decent blades. When girl started age 9 she had lots of peers. They have all dropped sailing except her. But now there is a great bunch coming on. Some club spawn and others found at HS sailing team. We have had 8 years of growing club school and now a pair of super junior advisor. A young club spawn HS team star is a paid coach for summer youth circuit. Just start.
  3. I do not want anything like a majik box. Sockeye was full of'em when I got her. Nothing but trouble.
  4. Get a big old north genoa bag to recut. It has mesh panels for drainage. Uv durable cloth. Pretty blue. Just don't use the zippers.
  5. Great help guys. I think I can work out a main sheet she can use from this stuff. I have been a proponent of losing purchase on the sixes for faster sheeting but they all have new 42's or should. Girl might need to pump some iron. I appreciate the advice about 2' of sheet from the rail. That would be tough to keep me out of the drink. Where does the Seattle 505 fleet race?
  6. we bought a 505. it has lots of upgrades but is still an old beater. we need to re-glue parts of the CB trunk to the floor, reinforce the CB pivots, and re attach some of the tabbing to the hull. It is a Lindsey finished Parker hull late '70's. the inner skin looks like Kevlar. The class website has some archived projects that sorta address this stuff but any advice is welcome. The next question is the main sheet block. it is missing. I know what it looks like. I can buy it at Fisheries. The girl wants me to drive because she doesn't think she can sheet it well enough and hold it in up breeze moments. I am wondering about either another part of purchase and a BIG hexarathchet if there is such a thing will it help her. She is undoubtedly a better driver than me so this is important. Thanks
  7. the coolest one i saw was in Uberlingen Germany. no tides is the key. I think the idea can work with 3-4' tide range. they had a large diameter tapered tube that leaned out over the edge of the quay, so it naturally intersected with the appropriate pick point on average masts on boats of different length and beam. the really cool part was that it had steps up the tube to work on the mast or attach the line to the mast. I think most mast were dropped to the deck. It had a car on track to lower the mast to the quay.
  8. I say, I say, I say, son, you got to learn to pickup your feet.
  9. what about Sockeye and Bianbridge island suggests Eastern europe? right now I have to make a custom deck organizer to conform to the curve of my cabintop corner so I get a fair lead to clutches so I can eliminate 4 halyard winches from the '76 Chaser 29 that has never been upgraded since new. can you help? I envision a uhmw bar that holds spectra loops and thimbles for the turning the corner.
  10. 2 blade stopped horizontal turns faster!
  11. In a hurry a sharp knife solves many problem of line not moving. VSS above hs the best idea but it doesn't take but a small gear bag to stow the tail by the mast butt. i wish all my rigging problems were so simple.
  12. when the mast hits the water the roll really slows down. might give the ballast time to right the boat. w/o a mast....aw fuck, he'd a been a soup bone if that boat ever rolled after he was dead. this is stupid.
  13. I thought that looked a little familiar. The Saga is at our docks. Those cute little mini 6's.
  14. Some place here in SA I have posted a string of pics of a loop I made from 3/8 spectra. To put it simply, it was a locked Brummel that i buried the tapered tails into itself for just the circumference of the loop. I did not stitch anything. It was made as an extension to a strop I made too short. it served many years on Sockeye's vang.
  15. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/boa/5383104895.html http://images.craigslist.org/00l0l_7qaWCsvauoT_300x300.jpg