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    Vendee Globe 2020

    Wow...the photo in the Pip link shows a little critter compared to usual stated size. (3-12 in) Size-wise, looks like Velella or "by the wind sailor" (which can wash up on Pacific beaches in large numbers), but never heard of serious things from those... I guess they must start out small; but did she sail through a nursery or something?

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Beat me to it! Nearly all (or maybe all) of Louis' "flyers" seem to pay... Really most impressive. And Pip's vid makes me want to go do something, though I should have been asleep more than a while ago. Phenominal race and coverage.


    Hmmm... I thought I heard that they shut down MKUltra a while back...
  4. The one on the right could advertise equine dental products if the current gig falls through.

    Run off election Georgia

    Is that the same as The Time of Legends?

    Save Amerkkka March

    Aha!! Is it coincidence that Comet TV (a network featuring old sci-fi shows and B movies) just broadcast the inspirational works "Cowboys vs Dinosaurs" and "Cowboys vs Vampires"?
  7. Now that you mention it, I'm possibly disappointed a bit myself. (I guess the joke about English lawyers that I didn't get threw me off.) I find that that Barr's affectation of choosing to write "effect" more strongly implies a transgression than alternate choices. Even Barr was getting PO'd I suspect.
  8. "Effect as a Verb Effect as a verb means to bring about. It usually shows up with nouns like “change” or “solutions.” The protesters wanted to effect change in the corrupt government. In other words, they wanted to bring about the effect of change—maybe by getting the government to change its policies or even step down. If you use affect here, it would mean “to have an effect on change” or “to impact change.” Protesters who want to “affect change” would be trying to impact existing changes. That’s nice, but not as powerful as creating change, especially when there’s a corrupt government on the line." "Plain English" can lack important nuance. Barr's use of "effected" is , I think correct, and actually perjorative in a way "affected" or "resulted in a different outcome" is not. I would like to believe by that point Barr meant to communicate that.
  9. Barr earns some rarely deserved bonus points for proper use of "effected" instead of the lame yet fashionable "effectuated".

    Trump's farewell party.

    Yes, careful what you wish for. A chicken lived 18 months without the top of it's head. Said to have grown from two pounds to eight pounds during that time according to one source. Just imagine!

    2020 Election Fuckery

    Oh no, we are lost...if that's what they think, we are doomed. Brilliant distraction. The aliens in the vaults beneath the Denver airport have won.

    Should not use abby normal brain

    No matter, when the pawns know not which end is hafted. I prefer Digitalis, but Gladiolus are nice also.

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    Check out "Abby Normal Brain" thread. It appears that when they realize that he is not omnipotently looking after them, each and every one, they might turn...