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    looking to crew on anything, anywhere! I have lots of dinghy racing experience. I'd like to acquire and refurbish a cruiser of my own when I find the dough! Also, It would be lovely to make some friends that love to sail :) I've been focused on my degree for that past four years and I'm itching to get reacquainted with big boats. I also love poetry, art, baking, live music and the forest.

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  1. Ddawgwithablog

    Crew avail. Nyc area

    Hi there, Anything will work! Daysailing and long transits, and yes local is ideal. If you'll need a crew when it warms up let's have a chat!
  2. Ddawgwithablog

    extra set of hands for refurb!

    I'm handy and I want to learn how to fix boats. I have some experience with welding, woodworking, mold making, and small dinghy-type repairs.
  3. Hi there! I'd like to be considered for team strider! I'm from NJ and would do well as a new and strong team player. If you still anticipate needing crew members for spring/summer please keep in touch! cheers Audrey
  4. Ddawgwithablog

    Crew avail. Nyc area

    Looking to crew