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  1. Clintons_cigar


    Yeah it probably doesn't, but I hurt mine trail ridding. And like I said, monday I will be back to work and walking around normalishly, but thanks for playing the tolerant liberal.
  2. Clintons_cigar


    Knee surgery a week ago, should be good to getting back to life on monday. I know you will miss me.
  3. Clintons_cigar


    HAHAHA one libturd puts another libturd on ignore!!! good job idiots.
  4. Clintons_cigar


    AWWW the little bitch showed up
  5. Clintons_cigar


    You forgot about Cigar Nazi
  6. Clintons_cigar

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    No she didn't, but keep dreaming.
  7. Clintons_cigar

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Who is Jack? You sound mad bro, did your mommy not bring you a HJ today?
  8. It doesn't matter what way you do it, it is FAKE NEWS.