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  1. Grejhojta

    Bushing to roller bearing

    Thanks for the suggestion... the yard where the boat is stored for the winter did not want to give me an accurate price offer, but they told me to expect something around 5000€, considering that parts shouldn't cost more than 500€, I see this cost a little too high :). By the way, why do you think that roller bearing shouldn't be needed? Yeah, looking at their guidelines it sounds like a piece of cake, however I suspect a lot of trouble, more so that I am not free to take off the rudder whenever I like, but I need to ask a favour at the yard, which is not so keen on helping
  2. Grejhojta

    Bushing to roller bearing

    Hi, I am thinking to change bushings to roller bearings this winter to gain rudder feel. The boat is a Sun Fast 32i with tiller. I have some ideas, but have never done such a job and am a little worry to get stuck in the process! Anyone who has done it and can help out? Perhaps pictures? Thanks
  3. Grejhojta

    Cockpit refurbishing

    quite right Just wondering if they do exist out there
  4. Grejhojta

    Cockpit refurbishing

    I thought so too, unfortunately they are not sold on their spareparts website, or I have not been able to find them. I will drop them an email. I have also seen these type of items on other boats where they were customizations of the standard cockpit, it'd be great to identify some suppliers
  5. Grejhojta

    Cockpit refurbishing

    Hi all, after a first season with my Sun Fast 32i I decided that a number of chanes should be made to the cockpit. First of all I am on the outlook for a tiller that looks more like the ones mounted on the latest First 31.7 as in the picture attached. Any idea who manufactures/sells them? Another idea I want to steal from the First 31.7 is the foot stand under the cockpit bench. See picture attached. Again...what are they called and who manufactures them? Thanks in advance!