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  1. peterbike

    Drheam cup 2020 start July 19

    Thanks for that YL now I won't have to suffer withdrawal - just a few more more days & I will be in seventh heaven again watching small dots race across the screen YEE-HA !!!
  2. peterbike


    Sorry to hear that Gary. I like the "never say die" attitude, & as Buzz Lightyear would say..... Onwards and upwards !
  3. peterbike

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Very sexy. 100% better than the old ! Angle adjustment would be easy if needed - some packers/shims top or bottom, retighten bolts & go.
  4. peterbike

    Anti fouling paint

    For those who would like a bit of an understanding of anti fouling
  5. peterbike

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Wow, prompt reply there Dave ! Expected you to say slamming - but didn't want to be putting words in your mouth Maybe some xps foam & fibreglass up front will do the trick ? just a very light glass job until you deign it to be right ? Females look good, but...... soon they are going to want to be back in the cockpit & suggesting that YOU get up the front.....
  6. peterbike

    26ft trimaran QLD

    Boat is coming along nicely - good on you ! What exactly are your findings going upwind ? Peter
  7. peterbike

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    A while ago, Rob Denney (harryproa) put forward an idea. post no. 440. At the time I wondered how long until this idea, or a derivative of this idea will become de rigueur. It is only a matter of time, with a large part of the french ocean racing scene being sponsored by "clean/responsible" ocean use. It is the last thing necessary to fit within it's own framework/guidelines, - ie. they already have kick up rudders, the boat cannot sink (imoca), they are self righting - it is the last thing to be addressed, so as they can sail on home/continue to race. So, to not deal with this is NEGLIGENCE. Sticking your head in the sand & saying "it will not happen" is not acceptable anymore. The 3 most current races, minisat, TJV & brest atlantiques have highlighted this problem. Alex could have lost a 6(?)million dollar boat, there could have been loss of life, there could have been very large costs involved in a search & rescue operation & of course their sponsors would have been very pissed off. (ok, they could have had a lot of exposure - but it is not positive exposure) I have mentioned imoca above - but it applies to all boats going long distance racing. YES - there will be some loss of performance, with the loss of the canting keel. But with foils now clearly the way forward, the slight loss of performance (with no canting keel) can be more than made up for. I am sure that i am not the only one thinking along these lines & it will be interesting to see how long before these measures can/will be implemented. And for the whingers - it COULD be retro fitted to all existing boats for a reasonable price. ( POSSIBLY less than the insurance excess costs ) Have a good day.
  8. peterbike

    Single Handed roll call?

    Sidecar : what are your feelings/findings so far, on your very different sailing craft ? (if you have posted, & I missed it - can you supply a link ?)
  9. peterbike

    All electric boat setup / Moonwave

    Solar panels in the sail ? Dan above prompted a google search & came up with this ; Interesting, & it does not have to go in your sails . Do you put up some sort of sun shade for humans ? or just cover the boat when you are not there ?
  10. peterbike

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    "my normal alias ?" am I missing something ? Peter Brown 5 empress crt sunshine melbourne 3020 born 30/9/1959
  11. peterbike

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    I can see how to make this boat go faster. If you stop the above vid at 0:38 plan view, it's easy to see - don't bolt on the keel, just add 2 floats & 2 beams . it will win then.
  12. peterbike

    Coppercoat Redux

    Silic one looks ok ?
  13. peterbike

    A 6-7 m folding trimaran sailboat with cabin

    Can Mundt provide a link to his boat ? Agree with Tom, for me it would be the F7 or Libertist ; but the libertist is going to be much more convenient for you. (any issues & they are just down the road). Happy shopping !
  14. peterbike

    A 6-7 m folding trimaran sailboat with cabin

    Hi Kleppar, could I ask you to add 1 more column to your list ? Price, & could it be in 1 currency ? euro, US, other....? Thank you.
  15. peterbike

    Fire Arrow Foil System Wins Big!

    I may be wrong, but his settling down appeared to happen just after I blasted the fuck out of him one very cranky morning. What do you think Gary ? or maybe Darth ?