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  1. JBoater

    J80 Aft Bulkhead Rot

    Looks like water was getting in from a loose inspection port. Had two individuals go through the boat. Hull is completely dry. This boat was a US Watercraft build, Chinese hull.
  2. JBoater

    J80 Aft Bulkhead Rot

    Does anyone have any information on the aft bulkhead on a J80, the one under the cockpit. Are these prone to rotting? Ran across a 6 year boat where the bulkhead is showing some signs of rotting, very soft, and showing elevated levels of moisture. Is this common? What would the fix be. Any idea of a cost associated with the fix? 2nd picture is looking aft from the inspection door.
  3. JBoater

    J92S sort

    Surprised how long those 92s's last on the market. Seem like such a great value for a Jboat that size.
  4. JBoater

    Newer J80 Crazing

    Boat has been within 60 miles of here her entire life. That's how I know the history and not raced/sailed hard. Thanks everyone for your insight. Any additional comments, please send them along.
  5. JBoater

    Newer J80 Crazing

    Looking at a 2012 J80, built by US Watercraft. Some significant gelcoat cracking where the companionway meets the deck? Haven't seen this kind of cracking, even on 15+ year old boats. This is the only area where I saw any cracking in the gelcoat. Is this just cosmetic or is their an underlying structural issue. Boat was not sailed hard. Is their a build quality difference between TPI build and US Watercraft built boats? What are your thoughts? Thanks