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  1. JBoater

    J35 Anarchist

    KC64000 PM sent.
  2. JBoater

    Lifting bridle repair/build

    Check out Grainger, I bought a waaayyyy over kill lifting strap for a J80. If I recall it was rated for 9k lbs for just over $30. Cheap insurance.
  3. JBoater

    Adhesive Removal.

    Goo Off soaking for a day or two and one of those vinyl eraser wheels. Worked wonders on my boat. I have the generic $10 eraser wheel from amazon.
  4. JBoater

    VC17 (Premixed 1yr old)

    I have a half can of pre-mixed VC17 from last year in a soda bottle. Has anyone used year old VC17 that has been mixed with the copper powder. It takes me 1.5 quarts to put a coat on the bottom of the boat. So if I can use this half quart, it will save me $70 this spring. Thanks for your help.
  5. JBoater

    Outboard check oil light flicker

    Assuming you checked the manual on how to check the oil level. Sounds dumb but on some of those foreign outboards, the level is checked with the dipstick not screwed in. Seen this before on other 4 stroke engines.
  6. JBoater

    J80 Outboard Mod from Hitting Rudder

    I just made up this bracket with a piece of aluminum I had on hand. Should do the trick. A little added security. I did not want to drill any additional holes hence using the anode holes on the far side.
  7. JBoater

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Looks like it's going to be a another record setting year for high lake levels. Lake Ontario is currently 9" higher than this time last year. Expected to rise another few inches in the next month. https://www.lre.usace.army.mil/Missions/Great-Lakes-Information/Great-Lakes-Water-Levels/Water-Level-Forecast/Weekly-Great-Lakes-Water-Levels/
  8. I have seen some posts of people mentioning adding rubber to their J80 Outboard to keep it from hitting the rudder. Does anyone have a picture of something similar? I don't want to add an additional bracket for the outboard. Fyi, currently using a honda 5hp 4 stroke long shaft.
  9. JBoater

    J80 135 Genoa Track Info

    Thanks Tetonsail. I sent you a pm with my email address.
  10. JBoater

    J80 135 Genoa Track Info

    Does anyone have this info? I also have an email into Jboats but have not seen a response yet. Thanks
  11. JBoater

    J80 135 Genoa Track Info

    George, Doesn't look like that link worked. Just took me to a picture of a J80 at OCSC. Looks like that boat had multiple jib tracks but didn't see any measurements.
  12. JBoater

    J80 135 Genoa Track Info

    Excellent, greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. JBoater

    J80 135 Genoa Track Info

    Does anyone have the measurements or deck layout for the position of the 135 genoa track? Appreciate your help. Thanks
  14. Just had to share this. Best way to remove old Caulk from fiberglass. Takes 30 seconds to clean up the deck to re-bed a stanchion. Even works great on non-skid. Best $10 ever spent on amazon. Rubber eraser wheel or vinyl removal wheel.
  15. JBoater

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Wish my crystal ball will predict what's going to happen to the lake levels this year. Looks like we're about to get mucked by the IJC again.