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  1. dsJ92s

    Tuff Luff Aero Foil vs Classic

    Thanks all. Much appreciate the ideas. I'm going to go with the Tuff Luff Classic. Just about everyone has one where I sail and better to stick with what works. To Furkolkjaaf, the Ubi Maior was interesting solution to furling. However, one reason I'm getting rid of the furler is to get away from the vertical battens and be able to use horizontal battens I leave in the jib when bagging it.
  2. I am ditching my roller furling and aluminum head foil and going to a plastic foil on my J92s. Eliminating the roller furling. Sailmaker recommends Tuff Luff Classic for the new head foil. I have seen the “New Improved” Tuff Luff Aero and would like to try that. Any experience out there on the Aero? Boat is on the Gulf Coast and scuttlebutt on the Harken Carbo Foil is that it deteriorates in the heat/sun. The Aero is black, but don’t know if it is the same material as Harken. I hear the Tuff Luff Classic seems to last 5+ years. More, if you don’t abuse it.