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  1. J105 & Melges 20

    J105 big asymetric

    I had 5 or 6 large ones, hoisted from the top. Optimum size is around 105 for a Runner. With old style shape you go larger but the kite gets to heavy in the real light air. I also have top hoisted reachers at 80 m2 and Codes from 55 and up to 75. The boat is generally underpowered and can take a lot more sails on a reach compared to modern High Aspect Ratio designs. You can use a bobstay for the pole. A 42m2 sized genoa is a killer on a J105. Just a tad lower but targets well over 7 knots. An A2 for 109 measures 16.75 cm relative to 16.15 on the J105 so it could work dead down in light air. LIttle bit the same effect as when you loose the tackline.
  2. J105 & Melges 20

    J70 vs Melges 20 round the course

    I see that some events are combined. The sailors on this races should have a pretty good idéa which boat is the fastest one. I ask because I try to fit the boats in to our local time on time handicap. In ORCi the Melges is the fastest one 0,89 vs 0,92 giving the Melges a 3 minutes advantage per 100 minutes sailing. Other handicap system says the opposite on which boat is the fastest one. Light/Medium/Breeze?
  3. J105 & Melges 20

    Targets or polars for Melges 20

    I understand that that the value of targets can be diskussed for such a sport boat as the Melges 20, but I have seen boats in Europe that have them as stickers. Does anyone know where to find targets or polars for Melges 20? I found one for SB3. Regards Sebastian