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  1. So still lies likes Trump would never be the GOP candidate? or that he could never be the Presidential nominee? Oh wait you libtard facts are all just lies.
  2. Not guilty

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    You didn't site your facts, I did. try again you old worthless cunt.
  3. Oh you want to play grammar nazi, that is the first sign of a loss in a debate. STOP POSTING you ignorant cunt. Trump is the President.
  4. Not guilty

    more fast food

    So you concede that you are a hypocrite?
  5. And President Trump won the election because we are not playing water polo. America pickeded President Trump.
  6. Not guilty

    hasher uses libtard lies

    This is a standard libtard lie he will not defend. This is why we are making America great again, because we shut down these liars and fake news and move forward with Making America Great Again.
  7. Not guilty

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    Where are your facts at big boi? You ran away like a little bitch.
  8. Not guilty

    more fast food

    You are proof of TDS. You can't prove it wrong from your own post. Own it.
  9. Well they are irrelevant to US politics. It keeps making threads like it is relevant, but it is not.
  10. shortfordumabass has been shown again that they are a dumbass and keep trying to fight against it.
  11. Not guilty

    more fast food

    So prove me wrong because I have already shown the facts that you are.
  12. Not guilty

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    Fuck religion and you have nothing. Try again.
  13. Not guilty

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    It is already set up, why would I set up another one for the same thing. It already has $7 million. America has made its voice heard, we will secure our southern border. Still no facts to back up your buddy on your pivot though?
  14. Not guilty

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    Here is one that is only 19 hours old. So where is your current facts?