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    Life Jacket Recommendations

    I was thrown overboard off leward side and went at least 5 to six feet deep before inflatable mustang popped and then I came bobbing to surface like a rocket. Thinking on the way down...I had a lot of time to think as time slows...that I should have practiced manual inflation in a pool. I think the guy in the Mackinac race probably had the same thought. I was not in full foulies..jjust salopettes.
  2. airborneshodan

    ASA Courses (101,103, etc)

    Veteran Sailing in Key Largo offers free ASA 101 course to veterans. Joe who teaches course is a Navy Seal and requires a good deal of competency to pass each task. Students who don't complete in the two scheduled days can be rescheduled. You have to provide your book, transportation, food and lodging. Highly recommended.