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  1. So, where to start.. Signed up over 2 mos ago for this race. Should have obviously read the NOR sometime before the week before but didn't. Come to find out with no further warning from the organizing Auth. that they are now requiring a "safety at Sea" course to have been taken to qualify to ENTER the race, a race that does not even sail in any "SEA" !! Ok, so now we have four days to the race after reading this, spent a few grand on some new rags and many days of practicing to get ready and wham, we can't go because someone said we weren't "safe".. Now out of our crew of six people we figured out we had roughly 60+ Block Island races under our belt. No, we have never deployed a life raft, no we've never experienced a sinking.. all races made safely. So, because one person or two ?? had an issue and then sued the heck out of everyone the Storm Trysail Club decided that they should make EVERYONE take a "Safety at Sea" course offered by Storm Trysail and of course thru US Ailing for the tune of $95. and one day of training. While i applaud the effort of sailing organizers for making the sport more safe for all, sailing by itself is about as safe a sport as you can get besides maybe Golf.. We were never at sea! What's next, inspecting every boat for $200 and checking your rigging? Ok so we drop out of a race we all had planned on and looked forward to which had great weather Btw, and I proceed to spend the weekend gardening and working on the yard which looks great! How many other people did this effect besides the 6 people on our boat? I know of several other boats personally. Why is Storm Trysail and US ailing getting involved in making people spend even more money, time and commitment on a sport that is dwindling? Why are they making this a condition to participate in the event itself? Should this not be a suggestion..? Is the skipper of the craft not responsible? This is just passing the buck and making the bucks $$ for their coffers on something that affected a couple people. Sad to say i may never do another Block race just because of this mentality and desire to make everyone do things because they can. How do you gain sailors for our sport, one at a time. How do you lose sailors for our sport, one boat at a time = 6 sailors in our case. Good luck next year with your race and hope that the numbers don't dive too steeply for you, but it will be safer, maybe.. The Gardiner

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Brian and BY- Best of luck with your new VX1 adventures. Sound like good things for the Eurpean market. What is happening to US production? Will you be making boats in RI? Need to get some US interest going!! How do we see/sail a boat?? cheers- Bill
  3. I have a Kenyon J-24 boom - dunno if its the right size


    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    What you get for spilling your mouth and the RUM all the time...