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  1. holeinthekite

    Mo Bettah Too

    +1. Small adjustments in runner tension can make a huge difference in both how easy it is to steer the boat and how well you can point in addition to boatspeed. Make sure that they are easy to adjust, and that you have enough purchase to really crank them on because there will be times when you need to. Mark them so the settings are repeatable. But you probably already knew all that...
  2. holeinthekite

    sailor chick of the decade

    I agree. My problem is with the Lia Ditton posting on here. If it is a sock, the person running it is a sociopath. If it isn't a sock, I'll shut up, go away and simply feel sorry for Lia.
  3. holeinthekite

    sailor chick of the decade

    As if having tons of posts on SA makes you anything other than a well-published loser. I wouldn't post here at all, but this thread is damaging the sport. I want to see more women in sailing and there are female sailors following this thread, probably with a lot of disgust at the mysogyny on display here. This isn't sailing nicey-nice but it is also not a place where sociopaths should be tolerated.
  4. holeinthekite

    sailor chick of the decade

    If this was the real Lia Ditton, she would want this thread to end. I don't believe Lia is an attention-whore, like a majority of the posters on this thread. OTOH, an attention-whore would try to discredit anyone suggesting that the adults close their playground. The picture associated with this "Lia Ditton" profile is easily found on google images. I would also suggest that she is smarter than wanting to have this issue debated by the keyboard warriors that inhabit this place - what good can possibly come of it? So, this is not the real Lia, IMHO. It is time to take BJ's suggestion and report the thread. If this is the real Lia, we'll hopefully know soon, but my money's on this being a regular poster's sock. The IP addresses will tell the story.
  5. holeinthekite

    sailor chick of the decade

    This trainwreck is getting worse. The mods can sort this out by checking IP addresses. We are seeing the worst of the internet here, and mods, it is time to do something. Deleting the thread is not a bad idea. It is like a wart on a bad smelling foot.
  6. holeinthekite

    sailor chick of the decade

    Too right. Happened to me once, it took everything I had to not do a bunch of really stupid shit that would have probably cost me my job and a bunch of other stuff. Love sucks. Hope whatever happened here ends up ok for both of them. If someone acted like a complete douche, there are ways to make up for that.
  7. holeinthekite

    i touch myself

    Yeah, I never thought it would happen either, until it did. And the surprise was the individuals involved, both fine upstanding married citizens/sailors who turned out to be closet creeps, both of whom I would have been proud to call a friend until this shit went down.
  8. holeinthekite

    Dynema/Spectra climbing runners as strops

    Then I'd have to drill a hole in the boom. I hate putting holes in the boom.
  9. holeinthekite

    i touch myself

    I'm looking but not finding anything concrete. I know of one example from a PITCH regatta BITD but can't find any information on it to corroborate - there was an appeal but it is long since gone from the case book. I might have to eat my words on this one, though I believe it to be correct, it still needs to be supported with examples.
  10. holeinthekite

    i touch myself

    Yes, but if as suggested here people did start to speak up, it could result in some crew being banned from regattas. For example, there is an incident and a credible complaint or protest is made (and really, Rule 69 is an obvious choice - I wonder if and when we will start to see these incidents filed in Rule 69 protests) there is a lot of precedent that makes a skipper responsible for the behaviour of a crew at a regatta. In other words, if one of your male crew does something untoward at a regatta, the skipper is responsible for the behaviour. It could result in DSQ at the regatta, and sanction from your home club - the remedy for the future is to flick the crew member. Does anyone know if this has ever happened? The rules certainly allow for it.
  11. holeinthekite

    i touch myself

    Hmmm. I don't think that is correct. Don't know what it is like down where you are, but up here in the GWN regatta participation is usually limited to members of Sail Canada-affiliated clubs. In other words, you need to be a member of a club to race. This has given rise to a host of paper clubs, but that is another story. Should you mess up at a regatta, a club can boot you, and then you can't race unless you can find another club willing to have you race under their burgee. There are regattas where club membership isn't required, but most require it. Is it not the same south of the 49th?
  12. holeinthekite

    i touch myself

    I didn't find out about that one until the season was over. He won't be sailing on any boat of mine in the future.
  13. holeinthekite

    i touch myself

    One of my female crew members was sexually assaulted twice in the last two years at regattas. The first one was very serious. I found out about it right away, and I wanted to call the police as the offender was still at the regatta. She talked me out of it, and ultimately reached a resolution with the individual, who has now stopped sailing. The second one was between her and another of my crew; a case of unwanted touching while she was in a compromised position. Both of the perpetrators were married. This kind of thing has got to stop if we are to get more women out sailing. I personally think these two individuals should have been outed to the fleet and to their spouses at least, to make sure that it doesn't happen again. In the first incident I think charges should have been laid. Is my experience unusual, or is this happening everywhere? Being drunk is no excuse guys. How do we make it stop? Yeah, this is a sock made to protect the innocent.