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  1. Sounds like the food/service/lack of both in the CYC in NSW is no better than that in another, more southern, state...and renovations in the latter did nothing to improve things. At least you GET food on race days. On Saturday, we racers were told, "Oh, no...the kitchen was told not to bother to do lunches today". WTAF???
  2. PITA

    new boat shoes.

    These are really popular amongst the yachties in my Oz Club. And they leave a charming 'kitten whisker' tan pattern! :-) https://www.kroten.com.au/product/acs-mens-gybe2/ I recently bought a pair of HH Hydropower, after coveting them for a loooong time (it's a chick thing). I'm glad I bought them on sale cos the first time I wore them, I was doing my do, slipped, and landed flat on my arse. I don't dare wear them sailing unless the boat is flat and/or dry (ie, never). Back to the ACs it was! And I wear the HHs to keep the ACs solely for when the boat leaves the pen. I also had a pair of Chatham boat shoes I got for $40, and they were great - grippy up the front in the wet, but looked dressy enough to wear around...but after one embarrassing return (where there wouldn't have been a boat big enough to escape the smell), I decided it was time to burn them. A lot of the guys swear by Dunlop Volleys. A bloke I do foredeck with wears a KMart Converse copy, and says they're brilliant.
  3. PITA

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    Our Club has been taking steps towards dispelling the idea that it's 'Member's Only' which, in theory, should be great news for the Members. Unfortunately, the food is now not competitively priced and is regularly awful, and drink prices have been hiked, so they'll need all the unsuspecting non-Members they can get because those in the know are refusing to pay to eat or drink there. Maybe when the Board realises there are more Members doing BYO in the BBQ area than paying in the Bar and Dining Room, they'll do something to actually make a positive change. It'll be interesting to see how many they can get to cough up $200 pa to become 'social members'.
  4. PITA

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Regatta racing, southern hemisphere this year. Not just for the photo but as a reminder of what great fun it is, on and off the water. A fabulous week of racing, partying and laughs with a houseful of great people. And I love that, by the end of the week, we're actually getting our shit together. :-) Roll on, February 2019! (Photo by Take 2 Photography who do a great job, and probably need more tightarse yachties to actually buy their photos).
  5. PITA

    Songs in Battle

    Foredeck to the rest... Amy Shark's, 'I said hi' (but with a bit more, errrr, belligerence). Tell 'em all I said hi, hope you've been well You've been asleep while I've been in hell Tell 'em all I said hi, have a nice day I'll be just fine, don't worry 'bout me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K4KwuV2l4s
  6. PITA

    No flag, no foul!

    Last season, we were in a social race, last leg before the finish. A considerably larger/heavier yacht was to leeward of our 38', and decided to go behind and up. Unfortunately, they couldn't see where our boat finished and theirs started, forgot to allow for wave action, and rear ended us. Result: US - dent in the transom, busted and bent staunchions, broken lifelines, Skipper narrowly missed by their bowsprit. THEM - incandescent with rage that we protested. Seemed to me, as a relative newb, that it's pretty hard to argue it's the fault of the guys in front when you hit them in the arse. No, we weren't playing silly buggers. Just minding our own business. Anyway, it went to a protest hearing, and the panel found against the other boat...who refused to acknowledge the decision and make amends. A couple of weeks later, in a 'real' race, they went out of their way to push us the wrong way around a mark. We were lucky no-one was hurt in the ensuing chaos. The Skipper didn't bother to protest that time; he decided it wasn't worth the risk! We just make sure we stay out of the way when that particular psycho is driving. After a series of incidents that season involving boats of the same sizes (all the sub-40' boats started getting very twitchy around anything 47-ish feet and over) the Club held a rules night. It was disappointingly poorly attended...and I don't recall seeing any of the big boat guys there. I guess they'll just continue to call 'tonnage' on everyone. THIS is what is discouraging to me, and not just because people should play by the rules. I love this sport...but jeez, there are some arseholes and idiots, and I don't particularly want to end up a casualty of either.