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  1. Voyageur

    Lady G

    He's not a top.
  2. Voyageur

    Lady G

    Bravo is very gay. I have evidence.
  3. Voyageur

    Systematic racism

    people live in cities. cows live in red counties, pigs too.
  4. Voyageur

    Jim Mattis drops his gloves

    These people were on their porches, private fucking property. Fuck the police.
  5. Less than 3m length, under 50kg and no doping. Since most of us can't race right now, let's send the sailbots around the globe. They won't be fast but, who cares?
  6. Voyageur

    Donald Trump loses Nov 3rd

    It is no longer the Democratic party versus the Republican party. It is a choice between the great experiment that is the USA and the FASCISTS that are currently burning the bitch down. No if ands or buts.
  7. Voyageur

    Popo facts

  8. Voyageur

    Donald Trump loses Nov 3rd

    why does nobody agree with A guy? it almost like he has no friends, except for Dawg.
  9. Voyageur

    Jim Mattis drops his gloves

    Agayinthecheese. didn't you vote for the guy who was going to burn the bitch down?
  10. Voyageur

    Mattis Hammers Trump

    Why does Barr's head start below his shoulders?