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  1. Isn't Cycling in the Olympics? I'm pretty sure there's even a nice long technical road race where different strengths and strategies get to be played out. Do people consider the cycling road race in the Olympics to be the pinnacle of cycling? No. Even to seasoned sports journalists, the pinnacle of cycling is the Tour De France, just as the pinnacle of Soccer is the World Cup. Holistically, sailing is an incredibly diverse discipline. Different classes, different types of racing, courses, et al., ranging from kiteboarders to J-class yachts to kiddies banging around in Optis. Team racing, match racing, fleet racing, point-to-point, windward-leeward, distance racing, slaloms, all have their day. For shorthanded and offshore sailing, their "Tour De France-Super Bowl-World Cup" is the Vendee Globe, the Volvo/Whitbread/Current-Iteration's-Name, La Solitaire du Figaro, the Tour De France A La Voile, the Mini Transat, the Barcelona World Race, and the Transat Jacques Vabre. This has been the case for decades, and has produced heroes like Bernard Stamm, Mich Desjoyeaux, Alex Thomson, Armel Le'Cleach, and many others. The length of the Olympic games lends itself better to shorter events, especially those that can be completed in under an hour. You'd be hard pressed to find ANYONE who watches the Olympic Marathon all the way through, and many events are cut in the middle for advertisements or cut to another shorter event before returning. Unless you're running the world's shortest courses or it's blowing the dogs off the chains, dinghy and small keelboat races around a standard W4 windward-leeward or an Olympic triangle should take roughly 45 minutes. Sure, you COULD have Farr 40's or Melges 24/32/37/40's whip around a course in a little less time, but it also represents an exponential increase in cost since you're now feeding and housing bigger crews and you have to move big heavy keelboats that do not fit into 52' shipping containers, plus the associated increase in hardware, sail, and line cost and the price for dockage and haul-out. I watched most of the coverage for the Oakcliff doublehanded test event in the Melges 24's. As an intellectual exercise, it was interesting, and it was fun to see some of the solutions they came up with. However, the actual racing was mind-numbingly boring. Even with a more extensive media machine (drones, SAP tracking, multiple camera perspectives), I could still not give less of a shit watching someone sit in the cockpit taking a nap in full foulies. Long Island Sound in May is fairly docile, while Marseille in August is somewhat less so, and in 2028 watching the breeze shut off behind Catalina Island at dusk is going to be as scintillating as watching paint dry. There is also the size issue. If you look at the Olympic-caliber Finn guys, let's take for example Giles Scott (GBR) and Jake Lilley (AUS). Giles is 197cm tall and weighs 95kg. Jake is 203cm and 98kg. These are by no means "meatheads", nor are they carrying hardly any body fat. If they want to continue to sail dinghies or small keelboats besides a few notable exceptions (One of which was unceremoniously dumped in 2012...), they would have to lose weight that they cannot physically lose, even by biking 100km a day and eating nothing but kale. As one of the WS executives in Sarasota so flippantly said, "Go play basketball then, we don't care".
  2. onepointfivethumbs

    do the right thing

    Don't threaten me with a fun time!
  3. onepointfivethumbs

    US Sailing Gender identification interim policy

    Not really sure what the benefit is, don't think any F->M's are going to be able to keep up in big boy classes and unless you have a very svelte girlish figure the increased bone density, greater muscle mass and higher VCG would probably be a disadvantage for M->F's racing in girl boats?
  4. onepointfivethumbs

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    So, uh, when's the Aero 11 rig dropping?
  5. onepointfivethumbs

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Max Salminen. 105kg and nearly 2M tall. Probably deadlifts more than 200kg. //end of bitter Finn sailor rant//
  6. onepointfivethumbs

    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    Not trying to be libelous, it just seems to be a trend that Aussie Finns are marked up compared with the US and European market, I got a quote from them at $14k USD and that was including import taxes and whatever the shipper's take was off the purchase price of 10,000GBP I think it's different because LP/PSA have historically brought the "event boats" to Olympics, Worlds, etc. which saves the hassle of making sure that you have a boat and two masts and two sails in the container a month and a half before they have to be at the regatta. So you have a boat at home (wherever home is) that you train on and that you trailer to reasonably close regattas, and then you have the "away boat" that goes in the container to go to Enoshima or Rio or Miami.
  7. onepointfivethumbs

    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    Misleading link, the Petticrows off the factory floor should be about 14000 USD, the owner of NBSailsports has a tendency to mark up prices since he's the only game in town (and I believe one of the only PSA dealers as well). New Pata should be about 17000 USD and a new Fantastica should be about 22000 USD depending on options. WIlke mast is about 6000 USD, Pata and HIT/Celidh/Whatever their name this week is runs about 5000 USD. The big difference is that a Finn mast exploding is pretty uncommon, and hulls tend to be competitive for at least a quad (or if you're Sir Ben and you take your 2003 and put it under the knife every couple of years) The Fantastica advantage is negated in light air and certain sea states, and hulls don't really fall apart that quickly-Jose Doreste won the 350-boat 2018 Masters in an...I want to say 2009 boat? Olympic-caliber guys usually have 2-3 boats and 3-6 masts to pick from, Giles had seven boats built with little differences in the layup locations and laminate schedule and only ended up using two of them. Granted the guy was Ainslie's sparring partner and has probably forgotten more than any of us will ever know about Finn sailing, but it isn't always a "buy once-cry once" scenario. The first couple of Fantastica runs had really horrible quality control issues after Devoti moved back to Poland from the Czech Republic, like the pintles not being on centerline and the hull to deck joint delaminating at the bow.
  8. onepointfivethumbs

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    DeVos entered a TP52 this year, I think there will be 4(?) 52's on the line (HeartBreaker, Natalie J, Windquest, and a KP boat chartered out) plus Vincitore is back from...Europe? Wonder how well Denali Cubed is going to rate against them.
  9. onepointfivethumbs

    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    I don't remember who I was talking to but the rumor was that it took LP 9 man hours to build a Laser. Look at the thickness of that chopped strand mat. Ugh. I'd love to hear from Dave Clark how the process differed back at Vanguard and how long it took to build a hull, I remember my '93 had some weave print through in some spots where I'd done some repairs.
  10. onepointfivethumbs

    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    A retarded monkey can spray a chopper gun into a mold. Laying down actual cloth takes a couple brain synapses. Cuts into Rastegar's bottom line.
  11. onepointfivethumbs

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    I have a hard time believing that. Does that include the Omohundro M24 rigs, or the Vestas dismasting, (Was Puma 2 Hall or Southern? Or Mapfre, Azzam, Black Betty?) I seem to remember hearing a couple Kiwis blew up Southern Finn masts too.
  12. onepointfivethumbs

    WTF World Sailing Genoa World Cup

    Enoshima is going to be a lot like Qingdao. The test event last year had breeze all over the place, they weren't able to get off a medal race for the Finns but it wasn't a whole week of sitting on the coach boat.
  13. onepointfivethumbs

    Megabyte versus Melges 14

    Aero 5/7. Or Weta if you're game for a multihull. M14 weighs 120lb (10lbs less than a Laser), MegaByte is really built for heavier guys, same hull weight as a Laser but a little more sail area and a bigger cockpit.
  14. onepointfivethumbs

    2024 Olympics - Finn Class is out. A new two-man keel boat is in.