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  1. onepointfivethumbs

    Dean is American and Jimmy Italian??

    Don't believe there is a nationality rule in this edition, most teams are choosing to use their own nationals as a point of pride rather than a fight between "who can buy the best Kiwis". DB and TH worked together 03-07 on ETNZ so not surprising, Paul Goodison (UK Laser/Mothie) is the main trimmer on NYYCAM as well. Big upset from the Brits, either they sorted out everything in three weeks or they sandbagged the shit out of the December regatta where everyone was writing them off for having designed the wrong boat and praising NYYCAM for putting up points against ETNZ-now ITUK is 3-0 in the first round robin and NYYCAM is 0-3.
  2. onepointfivethumbs

    All things FINN

    The Miami dudes are doing something nearly every other weekend through June and could probably set up loaner boats for you, Surf Nazi and the guys at Buc go out all the time as well and can do the same.
  3. onepointfivethumbs

    Old Guy’s Finn Training

    GPS & all Speedos are verboten in the class rules. if you just want to practice with a speedpuck or there are a few iPhone apps (raceQS) that's ok, I wonder if the data from a Garmin VIRB camera (SOG, heel angle, GPS heading, GPS track) could be a useful training tool.
  4. onepointfivethumbs

    Less than 30 foot daysailoor

    I guess you could do a J/29 or a J/30 with a blade on a furler but it wouldn't be my first choice. The J/9 and J/100 fit the role you're looking for but pricey. A J/22 could work if you throw a porta-john in the cabin?
  5. onepointfivethumbs

    Less than 30 foot daysailoor

    (although it is not any cheaper) have you given any thought to an Alerion 28?
  6. onepointfivethumbs

    Waterproof Shorts

    What kind of boat, what position? I used Camets forever, upon first getting them they feel almost cheap but it's because of the nylon blend they use, super light and dries crazy fast. The 500D patch on the butt is nice to slide on nonskid and not moon the helmsman. The "Cargo"s were nice, long enough that I could wear a harness and not show the rest of the fleet my pasty thighs. I had a pair of Henri Lloyds, don't remember the product line but they promptly exploded along the crotch.
  7. onepointfivethumbs

    Old Guy’s Finn Training

    Caleb and Luke did a pretty good job of going to most of the regattas in Europe and Australia and figuring out the most economical way to put in training blocks at the right venues. For the past few years they did big training blocks in San Francisco and Miami with the Canadians and whoever else showed up, then packed up the "A" boat to go to Europe and they'd time it so they could do Euros or Princess Sofia or Medemblik, take the time to do a big training block, then roll into the next big event. With the exception of Ed Wright's North American tour and some up-and-coming Canadians, typically the Olympic circuit guys don't bother much with the regattas we put on.
  8. onepointfivethumbs

    Old Guy’s Finn Training

    There *were* two designs, the MB1G is a little flatter in the middle and consensus is that the original cut was too small for 100+kg boys like myself, the Plus seems to have closed that gap but the MX-1 would probably be better. I haven't sailed with a WB yet, it's between that and a poly from Karlo Kuret
  9. onepointfivethumbs

    Old Guy’s Finn Training

    Since then he's finished third and second at the Miami OCR. Luke is a fine Finn sailor and he'd smoke me six ways to sunday on his worst day but I'm not holding my breath for another medal based on previous performances against top ten guys, in addition to not racing in any big fleets for a year.
  10. onepointfivethumbs

    Old Guy’s Finn Training

    There are some sponsorship deals and guys like to try new things, WB is usually thought of as a light-air sail. I think the Scandinavians use WB exclusively (Tapio, Oskari, Max), some guys switch back and forth depending on conditions (Nils, Jorge, PJ, the Aussies and Kiwis) and some guys are exclusively North (The Brits and the 'Muricans, Nic Heiner) 2018 there were two North cuts, the MB1G that Giles designed and the MX-1 which was the standard tri-radial AP, I think North has since streamlined to "plus" and "minus" cuts of the MB1G for bigger/smaller guys or lighter/heavier air.
  11. onepointfivethumbs

    Old Guy’s Finn Training

    Breakout...pair of races. Luke ended up 31st overall and most of his other races that week averaged in the mid-twenties. Luke and Eric Anderson spent about two months training with Luther in Houston this summer, Luke is going to the Finn NA's at Coconut Grove next week and should pretty well beat on the masters gathered there, looks to be a very light showing with 13-15 boats instead of the usual 30. Miami OCR is split this year, Finns & Lasers are supposedly sailing out of LYC the week prior to the 49er's/Nacras/Kiteboards in Miami. I don't know if anybody international is going to show up with the covid risk so it might end up being NA's round 2.
  12. onepointfivethumbs

    Waterproof Shorts

    Waterproof...shorts? Gonna run up your leg mate. Define "best"-most comfortable, most durable, looks coolest, easiest access for racer-chasers, chafes least, most pockets, best cost effectiveness?
  13. onepointfivethumbs

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    At fucking high noon to boot. Dollars to donuts some asshole was (drunk/high/distracted) driving his (jet ski/fishing boat/powerboat) and ran over a kid in a dinghy.
  14. onepointfivethumbs

    Jack "Off" Geirhart US sAiling CEO

    It begins
  15. onepointfivethumbs

    Looking for Green Fleet Opti Coach in South Florida

    I can get in an opti but it's ugly...