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  1. I see as per your typical modus Operandi you are trying to deflect from your original claims. Do you even have the slightest understanding of how SCOTUS handles cases brought before them?
  2. Now you edit your own post to hide where you lied - Classic
  3. You didn’t read it or you simply missed the multiple times physical locations are cited. There are also multiple references to the first amendment and they even mention communion and in person requirements of the Jewish service. In other words the opinion directly talks about the things you claim it doesn’t. Why do you continue to make shit up that is so easy to prove a lie?
  4. You read the opinion and still wrote the bolded part?
  5. This may surprise you but I agree with just about everything you wrote. in all fairness I was responding to this post. By the time the shooting ocurred the peaceful protestors were long gone I don’t know anyone who thinks this was fine On 11/28/2020 at 9:52 AM, Raz'r said: Fucking gun nuts. Peaceful protest, some guy brings a gun, people die. Andit’s all fine.
  6. Yep Looks like the same reason. Robert’s went with the minority. On a funny note some judge in Sand Diego allowed a couple of strip joints to reopen claiming closing them violated the first amendment, but churches are still closed. So some minister did a strip tease by removing his tie.
  7. The Washington Post is going for ratings? Do tell.
  8. The Joker

    Proposed: Giuliani should be disbarred

    I heard they mailed out close to 3 million for the general. Frankly as a Republican, these efforts embarrass me. There are a lot of irregularities across the board but I expect it is more from the shear numbers of mail in and absentee ballots, most states had to deal with rather than any sinister plot.
  9. Not at all they can conduct business as THEY DECIDE. The ruling made it clear The state has no right to apply different standards to religious groups than to a secular group. Considering the first amendment, it should have been such a basic decision I found it odd that the court didn’t vote unanimously
  10. Then you better go hide in your barn. Because there are no restrictions on people being quarantined after going to Walmart, Home Depot or any other business why should people wanting to attend church be held to a different standard? That is exactly why the founders created the first amendment.
  11. Unlike most religious the ACLU is not a charity.
  12. Why are you so afraid of the Washington Post? It takes actual video combined with interviews of people involved, to show some of what happened in Kenosha, that night. It’s like you are terrified of having your preconceived notions destroyed. In a summer roiled by protests for racial justice, Kenosha, Wis., moved into the national spotlight in August after a White police officer shot a Black man named Jacob Blake seven times in the back. Peaceful protests during the day were followed by rioting and civil unrest at night. Just before midnight on Aug. 25, tensions peaked when a 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum. Moments later, Rittenhouse shot two other men, one fatally. Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with multiple counts of homicide and weapons offenses, but right-wing groups have rallied to his cause, celebrating him as a hero who sought to protect Kenosha from destructive rioting and who fired in self-defense. The events have become a litmus test for a deeply divided nation. A Washington Post examination of video and police records, along with other documents, sheds new light on the mindsets of the two people principally involved — one a gun enthusiast who thought of himself as a medic, the other a homeless man with a criminal record who was discharged that day from a psychiatric hospital. The Post found that Rittenhouse, who was too young to buy a rifle, had arranged for an adult friend to buy the weapon for him using money Rittenhouse had received from a government stimulus program. The Post interviewed Rittenhouse, who spoke publicly for the first time since his arrest. He said he did not regret that he had a gun that night. “I feel I had to protect myself,” he said. “I would have died that night if I didn’t.” One of Rittenhouse’s sisters told The Post that he supported peaceful demonstrations but objected to violence and called the rioters in Kenosha “monsters.” The examination also reveals new details about Rosenbaum’s struggles with mental illness and includes the first on-camera interview with his fiancee, Kariann Swart. “I don’t think there’s any sort of self-defense when there’s an unarmed person in front of you, and you’re holding an assault rifle two feet away,” she said. “But yet on the other hand, you know, Joe, you shouldn’t have been down there.” Watch the video to hear Rittenhouse talk about his intentions that night and to learn more about the paths that brought both men to a tragic encounter
  13. Like I said delusional. Threats vs actual attacks. In your fantasy world threats are much, much worse than actual violence. AOC was threatened anonymously The GOP whip was gunned down while playing baseball
  14. Yet in your research you missed where gop headquarters were firebombed, a Trump supporter was gunned down in the street. Where people from 7 to 80 are attacked for wearing Trump hats. Delusion, when it comes to your views is the correct word. • The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) headquarters in Richmond was vandalized with glass windows and doors smashed. It was the second time this year the building was vandalized. A retired school teacher in Arizona was arrested and accused of leaving a death threat on the office voicemail of Rep. Paul Gosar, Arizona Republican. • Two women were charged with hate crimes for allegedly harassing a 7-year-old boy and his mother outside the Democratic National Convention in Delaware because the child was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. • Federal prosecutors in California arrested a man they say firebombed the headquarters of a local Republican women’s organization. In June, an 82-year-old man was walking down the street holding a Trump hat and wearing a Trump sign when, according to authorities, a 27-year-old motorist ran out of his car and assaulted him. “Give me the f—ing sign!” Aidan Courtright of Fall River, Massachusetts, said as he charged Trump supporter Charlie Chase. Mr. Courtright is accused of throwing Mr. Chase on the ground and kicking him in the legs and ribs before driving away. He also purportedly tore up the Trump sign. He has pleaded not guilty to violating civil rights with injury, to assault and battery on a person over 60 years old, and to vandalizing property.
  15. Like I said you are stuck in your own delusional fantasy land where the right is out to kill you. Death threats against republicans on the rise