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  1. The Joker


    I am not claiming to be a proponent only pointing out that we will not run out of potential fuel.
  2. If they had smirked it would be different.
  3. The Joker


    No sailor that I know let’s a beer sit long enough to evaporate.
  4. Notice how this has quietly gone away. Black face and sexual assault just swept under the rug.
  5. The Joker


    You really do make shit up Uranium is a relatively common element in the crust of the Earth (very much more than in the mantle). It is a metal approximately as common as tin or zinc, and it is a constituent of most rocks and even of the sea.
  6. The Joker


    You are really not good at this. Your original question was delay or block Nothing about voting The minority party has plenty of ways to block or slow nominations. I suggest remedial US government 101
  7. The Joker


    Liar your question Post 3112 What Democrats have the power in the Senate to block or delay President Trump's appointments? my answer Post 3113 As to who has the power look no further than Chuck Schumer
  8. You don’t see that as often from those of us that lean right. I don’t see the need to PILE ON when someone is going after a poster. Nor do I look for support from fellow righties.
  9. It best describes what happens when one of your Elk goes after someone. Pile on works as well.
  10. It is not instant, it is proved by pages and pages of attacks against anyone that doesn’t join the circle jerk. There is very little attempt to engage in discussion, by many here. It’s instant attack based on the poster not the content of the post. That was not directed at you. At least you attempt to have a discussion.
  11. The Joker


    Yep. The left were king of the meme’s when it comes to Palin Trump Bush ect. Now they are upset when their rising star is subjected to the same crap.
  12. The Joker

    Shooting at a Mosque in Christchurch NZ

    I wouldn’t even give the shitbag the satisfaction of knowing his image is being retained. Transport him to and from jail in a sealed van. No contact outside the court room personnel and his jailers.
  13. Keep going. I’m getting a good laugh at how wrong you all are. The instant belief that anyone who doesn’t suffer TDS is stupid says a lot more about those constantly attacking than anything Posted by those of us that lean right.
  14. The Joker

    Shooting at a Mosque in Christchurch NZ

    Great idea. I wonder if they could actually pull that off. Maybe one pool reporter print not TV. To give daily updates
  15. The Joker


    You are a fucking liar. The part you edited out was a direct answer to a question YOU posed to me HERE: It was a question asked and answered Here is the question from Steam that my comment was directed to What Democrats have the power in the Senate to block or delay President Trump's appointments?