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  1. Lizalonzi

    Front Page, "Get your Kicks."

    Ah ha! I was wondering if that quick white ghost that left us in the dust was just a fever dream or real. now I know the answer! grateful for the rum prizes; I think it killed off the bacteria that was killing me, and not being sick made the return party that much more fun! thanks always for a good race, Phil! -Long-Suffering Liz
  2. Lizalonzi

    Coastal classic New Zealand

    Hiii, Creep! That's me you're talking about. I would have responded sooner but was too busy racing in the 3rd race of the Gold Cup series in Auckland on Freedom today. Pretty blowy conditions -- we saw gusts over 30kts on the windward end of the 50nm course. Been like this all week here, and I was super stoked to get out in it. I'll leave the details of the day to Phil -- he's Race Recap King, as you can surely see. Just wanted to say hello, and that I see you, and that I think you're super fucking disgusting. Lots of love, -Liz, crew of Freedom, where the men respect women and abhorrent comments like yours aren't tolerated. ✌️