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  1. Kenny  Dumas

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    I need tools and a place to do projects. A Mapleleaf 54 has a walk in engine room with a work bench. Goes to weather like a 12 meter (at 800 rpm)
  2. Kenny  Dumas

    Leebow one last time?

    Reducto absurdam reduces BAD tack to zero, which may be best
  3. Kenny  Dumas

    Leebow one last time?

    Thanks for playing guys. I’m pretty sure about this so please baseline your position with the following questions: Do assymetric conditions exist? (Most obvious case is waves coming from one side) Are there conditions where you win by sailing above your polars to minimize the pain on the bad tack? Does a change in wind speed shift the “sailing wind” ? Does the sailing wind shift more on the bad tack?
  4. Kenny  Dumas

    Team NYYC

    Smackdaddy is one of Cleans socks. Haven’t you guys figured that out yet?
  5. Kenny  Dumas

    Leebow one last time?

    Start with a boat pinching 5 degrees so that it is making way directly upstream. It feels like magic because the “lulls are lifts”. You go slower with less pressure but can stop pinching while still sailing directly upstream. The bad tack is hell
  6. Kenny  Dumas

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    Do the three have a common trusted fourth (preferably an old woman) they could buy dinner for?
  7. Kenny  Dumas

    Leebow one last time?

    Great question because it shows why this is so important. The generalized form will influence your decisions in almost every race: ”If tacks are assymetric, prolong the favored tack by pinching” That probably means you foot the bad tack but I’m not sure. But I do know that on the bad tack “lulls are amplified headers”. Do the vectors and be amazed.
  8. Kenny  Dumas

    Leebow one last time?

    Standard 4KSB, easiest to visualize in light air barely making way upstream on favored tack. Steady state. Decrease wind speed. What happens? Then try it on the bad tack.
  9. Kenny  Dumas

    Symmetric Spinnaker Handling

    Only if you’re used to rolling shit up instead of hanks. It’s a good tip: look up!
  10. Kenny  Dumas

    Singlehanding a J46?

    I’d get a couple high quality battery operated variable speed angle drills with winch adapters maybe drift this thread or has it been done in GA?
  11. Kenny  Dumas

    Leebow one last time?

    Hint: What happens in a lull on each tack? (with true wind direction constant)
  12. Kenny  Dumas

    Drying out spinnaker?

    Keeps it stable. I’d guess you get smooth flow out the top instead of shedding vortices off alternating sides / oscillating and tearing shit up
  13. Kenny  Dumas

    That’s... uhh... one way to install a traveler

    Could use the old traveler holes. Pretty nice for short handed