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  1. It shows how purpose built they have to be to be competitive. Ain’t no way a IMOCA will be competitive solo and crewed. The only thing they will share is the one design keel-mast package and the label
  2. Kenny  Dumas

    Sngle handed head sail arrangement

    Job batten: High clew, small headsail, and you’re only using it with eased sheets (its in line with clew) so needs no tension, perhaps even slack in pocket? Details please!
  3. Kenny  Dumas

    New Pogo 44 first sailing pics

    So you can step to a dock
  4. Kenny  Dumas

    Freak waves

    We had a buoy register 25 meters before it broke loose off Oregon. A great day to be on shore.
  5. Kenny  Dumas

    Craigslist Finds

    Maybe it keeps your ass dry??
  6. Kenny  Dumas

    INEOS Team GB

    The side view shows how much keel surface area is carried to the bow. Dip it in the right wave and angle and you might get bow steering. Spin that bad girl in its own length At 40 knots and see how far the crew flies.
  7. Kenny  Dumas

    Rethinking the drug war

    I think an understanding of intoxicants is helpful, so propose this model. As you get farther from the source, drugs become more concentrated, contaminated, dangerous and misunderstood. Organizations such as governments, religions and cartels abuse this for profit and growth. I know functional alcoholics and users of all types of drugs, including meth. Educate, decriminalize and take away the profits. The bill of rights should have included: Government shall not prohibit consumption of any substance.
  8. Kenny  Dumas

    Team NYYC

    Wouldn’t it be cool if time on the water / the sailors sailing is the competitive difference this time rather than boat speed?
  9. Kenny  Dumas

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Hugo Boss looks to be the only boat with outriggers? Serious advantage if so. Hard to believe they kept such a weapon secret. Maybe why they train separately.
  10. Kenny  Dumas

    Craigslist Finds

    Sol Cat is very fast and fun but heavy
  11. Try shutting it down without using the shutoff solenoid by restricting air flow?
  12. Kenny  Dumas

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    Thanks Mom. I rebooted my phone and it came back. But now the race is over and I’m stranded at sea. My poor crew needs some virtual supplies! Glad I got some practice miles in.
  13. Kenny  Dumas

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    Is the site down or is there some way to reset? All I get is the intro screen with the VR spinner, frozen. Is that the “site down “ symptom? Sailors may die if I can’t reboot!?!?
  14. Kenny  Dumas

    I'm a moron so help me spend my money.

    We ran out of Garibaldi during the big fires which caught the upper level easterlies and the shade created 50 meter visibility fog. Might have hit the dumfucks fishing in the jaws without lights, without radar. Actually not true, we just wouldn’t have been there. But when you have to be there, the modern radar rocks.
  15. Kenny  Dumas

    I'm a moron so help me spend my money.

    If you ever get fog in Alaska, RADAR