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  1. Paranda

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    How come S....A.....F....I....,s always complain about the unprofessional behaviour of professional seamen ??
  2. Paranda

    Newick Summer Salt 26: akas & sockets

    There are 2 Somersaults ,probably 3 in Europe ,mine , one in France , both in good order. Used to be one in Sweden some 20 years ago but I doubt it still exists ... I am 78 now so who knows...
  3. Paranda

    Newick Outrigger 26/Somersault 26

    I race her with an exact (in racing conf. including bedding etc.) 1000kg Weighed with a crane ,for a Texel rating of 1.42 and Mocra Tcf 1.20.6 With a couple of degree angle of attack on the “swiveling” daggerboard , she tracks 90 degree tacking angles on GPS Closer on the compass...
  4. Paranda

    Newick Summer Salt 26: akas & sockets

    Construction of the beams is foam with matting wound around it roughly shaped , to later fit into the two outer halves of solid fiberglass.These halves come out of a mold..Halves filled with polyester putty and then forced/squeezed over the roughly shaped inner part. Seam covered with fiberglass tape On the ends at the main hull ; a bolt through the hull to prevent “working” in and out in rough seas which in the end causes wear. To facilitate taking the outrigger ends out : put 3 mm spacing rubber at the ends before inserting and some form of long lasting lubrication.Also I beefed op the lids at the outrigger with carbon matting and use a wooden load dispersing block to hammer everything loose at the end of the season. As for the boat iltself , change to a rudder with a wing , since the hull/outriggershape is dated and loves hobbyhorsing .A winged rudder makes it a different boat.
  5. Paranda

    Crowther Buccaneer 33 trimaran - want info

    At the 28 nm crossing against force 5 tradewind she endured sailing with acomplete filled centersection of one outrigger...wihout too much of a problem (3000lb of water) Only tacking was impossible so we had to jibe around.... Failed hatch and it was during the night. Why not pump her empty ? No trampoline on that side , only aluminium beam to get to the outrigger and a black night. The trampoline was to be installed at destination Bonaire. Buccaneer 33 was my introduction to multi,s at a time mono,s could only plough at hullspeed ;hooked since...
  6. Paranda

    Crowther Buccaneer 33 trimaran - want info

    Buccaneer Threes Company doing19kt at Bonaire 1982
  7. Paranda

    Hard dinks, nesting dinks, and why we like them

    somersault 26 Newick
  8. Paranda

    Hard dinks, nesting dinks, and why we like them

    Perfect little beaty , still love her !
  9. Paranda

    Capsized Tri

    She was lying close to my Maincat 30 for years in a Curacao marina. Towed her from that marina to a repairdockyard in Curacao.. During that tow the new owner discovered her making water through an inspection window in the daggerboard which apparently was too close to the waterline. we had then already app.120 gallon of water inside Can hrdly magine this happened again , but maybe during a nightwatch ... and unattended too long ...I steered the boat for two hours during a 2 hr downwind tow in a F 5 -perfect behaviour- and the original owner circumnavigated without a problem... Also the wingsailafter years and years in a relentless Carribean sun worked still perfectly.. Feel very very sorry for the present owner who is a nice guy !
  10. Paranda

    It can't get much worse

  11. Paranda

    It can't get much worse

    Christ ! Gave her a tow into Curacao,s mai port for a major overhaul . Freshly bought by a nice Autralian fellow coming from monohull background. He gave the impression to be technically capable of restoring theboat. The Wingmast after 10 years in the tradewind and Carribean sun in Curacao still was OK and turning flawlessly She was lying next to my Cat Paranda Feel very very sorry for the owner Sorry for the low quality picture of the tow ( Dutch shallowwater salvage boat)
  12. Paranda

    Coolboats to admire

    Southern Carribean fishingboat of the fifties...
  13. Paranda


    And alas ,the “Live coverage” does not even cover the finish of the multis ....