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  1. I consider the libertist an somwhat bigger and improved version of a Pulsar 26. Talence a Pulsar 26 that I raced against in the late 90 ,s in my F 27 , was quite a bit quicker than my F27 .. And also had a very workable cruising accomodation for its size . Also not prone to hobbyhorsing and the quality of the crews was of the same level .. Happy to see a design like Libertist appear on the market
  2. Roll up your jib a couple of turns so as to have the jibs clew just touching the front of your mast. Tighten both jibsheets and fasten them. How tight takes some experimenting . And ..presto ! you have a selfturning jib situation , with only a slight performance loss compared to a special designed jib. When you feel active you still have your normal jib configuration...
  3. With bowsprit gennakers on former boats (F27 and Dragonfly 920 ) we always had a hard time and were sometimes unable , running straight downwind to overtake a Havcat 30 with app. the same rating , who was using a symetrical spi Quality of the crew was fairly equal but it is hard to interprete the shifts tacking downwind... , a problem a symetrical hardly has...
  4. Four sheets work just fine !
  5. Paranda


    Unofficial Dutch Multihull Championships Winner “Thriller” carbon F 32 homebuilt by skipper/owner Arno Molenaar Second “Fuchur” Phillipine built F32 J.Crevel Third “Challenger” F 36 K.van Dongen . D8423217-B076-4715-80DB-5354BB6133FA.MOV
  6. Newick designs “ugly” ,don,t think so but tastes differ