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    It can't get much worse

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    It can't get much worse

    Christ ! Gave her a tow into Curacao,s mai port for a major overhaul . Freshly bought by a nice Autralian fellow coming from monohull background. He gave the impression to be technically capable of restoring theboat. The Wingmast after 10 years in the tradewind and Carribean sun in Curacao still was OK and turning flawlessly She was lying next to my Cat Paranda Feel very very sorry for the owner Sorry for the low quality picture of the tow ( Dutch shallowwater salvage boat)
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    Coolboats to admire

    Southern Carribean fishingboat of the fifties...
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    And alas ,the “Live coverage” does not even cover the finish of the multis ....
  5. I consider the libertist an somwhat bigger and improved version of a Pulsar 26. Talence a Pulsar 26 that I raced against in the late 90 ,s in my F 27 , was quite a bit quicker than my F27 .. And also had a very workable cruising accomodation for its size . Also not prone to hobbyhorsing and the quality of the crews was of the same level .. Happy to see a design like Libertist appear on the market
  6. Roll up your jib a couple of turns so as to have the jibs clew just touching the front of your mast. Tighten both jibsheets and fasten them. How tight takes some experimenting . And ..presto ! you have a selfturning jib situation , with only a slight performance loss compared to a special designed jib. When you feel active you still have your normal jib configuration...
  7. With bowsprit gennakers on former boats (F27 and Dragonfly 920 ) we always had a hard time and were sometimes unable , running straight downwind to overtake a Havcat 30 with app. the same rating , who was using a symetrical spi Quality of the crew was fairly equal but it is hard to interprete the shifts tacking downwind... , a problem a symetrical hardly has...
  8. Four sheets work just fine !
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    Unofficial Dutch Multihull Championships Winner “Thriller” carbon F 32 homebuilt by skipper/owner Arno Molenaar Second “Fuchur” Phillipine built F32 J.Crevel Third “Challenger” F 36 K.van Dongen . D8423217-B076-4715-80DB-5354BB6133FA.MOV
  10. Newick designs “ugly” ,don,t think so but tastes differ