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  1. justsomeguy!

    Social Spooks

    Not if you're going to entrust them with one of your rentals.
  2. justsomeguy!

    Gilette wants to make men not be men

    Second from bottom left could use a second look/profile.
  3. justsomeguy!

    more fast food

    Please don't judge them all because of those mindless persons.
  4. justsomeguy!


    Both of 'em.
  5. justsomeguy!

    Are Walls Immoral?

    No, I don't.
  6. justsomeguy!

    Are Walls Immoral?

    I'm currently waiting for a beloved cat to die. He's been bitten twice in the head by a rattlesnake, survived 17+ years of coyote-infested terrain, and now he's just wallowing in ancient misery with no sign of death in sight. I will be sorry to witness his demise. He may outlive me, if I don't refill that CO2 tank.
  7. justsomeguy!

    It's the End of the World ........

    Yeah, we know.
  8. justsomeguy!

    Mexico cruising guide

    Them's probably pesos. But still, whoa.
  9. justsomeguy!

    150,000 Gallons of Mount Gay Rum Burns Yesterday

    Oh the humanity!
  10. justsomeguy!

    SPace Force!

    Apparently that "non-militarization of space pact" thingy we signed is the joke.
  11. justsomeguy!

    How to re-size pic (from iPhone 6) to post here?

    Try lowering your camera's resolution? Won't change the existing photo though.
  12. justsomeguy!

    Western Culture and Nationalism.

    It was the "Western Culture". They're all-encompassing.
  13. justsomeguy!

    Western Culture and Nationalism.

    Next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFWErjoJSPw&t=1745s
  14. justsomeguy!


    That's why it doesn't matter where you go nowadays. Just...go.