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  1. justsomeguy!

    It's Fox, but you know it's also 2020.....

    Still not big enough. Will burn up during entry.
  2. justsomeguy!

    It's Fox, but you know it's also 2020.....

    "Refrigerator size"? Not sure that's big enough.
  3. justsomeguy!

    Random PicThread

  4. justsomeguy!

    Shotgun Anarchy

    Google that shit. https://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/the-gun-nuts/gunfight-friday-silver-snipe-vs-polish-double/
  5. justsomeguy!

    They shoot horses, don't they?

    No. No we don't. We might feel sorry for the periphery, the collateral damage, but Trump doesn't deserve any pity.
  6. justsomeguy!

    Progressives Rock

    At least it's not about women or the like. Will listen tomorrow.
  7. justsomeguy!

    Random PicThread

  8. justsomeguy!

    Random PicThread

    "What to do with your tweet."
  9. justsomeguy!

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

  10. justsomeguy!

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    She hasn't looked into squid brains as of yet...hope not, I enjoy squid salad.
  11. justsomeguy!

    Progressives Rock

    Can't say I blame 'em. Renaissance was a much better fit.
  12. justsomeguy!

    LONQR 2

    Void Ho!
  13. justsomeguy!

    Progressives Rock

    They warmed up for Gentle Giant in the Detroit area quite a while ago.
  14. justsomeguy!

    Progressives Rock

    Most of you don't understand "progressive". Meh.
  15. justsomeguy!

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    My wife has recently begun refusing to buy octopus or order it in restaurants. I understand her motivations. They're incredibly intelligent animals.