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  1. Bezos, you maniac. "...Capital..."? Dumbasses.
  2. justsomeguy!

    Competent Women

    ‘Women hold up half the sky’ – Mao Tse Tung.
  3. They can state whatever they want. All the rioters should have been arrested.
  4. No. The question was "Wonder how anybody knows they're Antifa? Because they say so? ". I was expressing ridicule for Joker, not interest in identifying the perps. And the dumbass still hasn't learned to strip Google's money from his cites.
  5. justsomeguy!

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Don't give in.
  6. Proofreading is fundamental. Mostly mental.
  7. Hey, Joker's got a "hot" thread. Thanks, people.
  8. "a violent uprising against an authority or government."
  9. It's getting coverage. You're freaking out.