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  1. $35k for the boat and then another $15k for misc safety and sails etc... AIS transceivers are fairly expensive.
  2. JemD

    1982 J/36 for $20K... issues?

    Yes that's rights, it's Charlemagne. Yesterday, I drove down from Vancouver to Olympia to see her. She's been sitting there for 4 years. The inside wasn't soo bad. There's some broken/rotten plywood, but mostly seemed ok. I have no idea about the hull, but there was quite a lot of water inside the cabin coming down the walls. Maybe I'll check it out again in another 4 years.
  3. This 1982 J/36 looks great. Is the price too low for the boat to not have major issues? The engine hours are reported as only 700, and it looks nice inside minus the cushions. What could I be getting myself into? listing
  4. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. Super helpful.
  5. Hey y'all, I'm looking for recommendations on buying a 30 to 36 footer, under $35K USD for the purpose of offshore racing in the PNW (oregon offshore, vanisle360, etc...). Bonus points for ability to be sailed shorthanded, having a tiller instead of a wheel, a nav station with a seat, and, for some reason, I think Pilot Berths are cool. If it isn't terrible for light wind beer can racing that's nice too. I'm current considering: Schock 35 Santana 35 J/35 Soverel 33 Please let me know if I'm missing some other contenders. Thanks!