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  1. leuk

    what was it?

    This is beautiful. What a superb refurbishing! I wish I had the competences, time and funds to treat mine like that. Sometimes I feel someone more gifted in those departments should have buy it, but in France not a lot of persons are interested in those old horses.
  2. leuk

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Just chartered my boat from Toulon to Sete, from dawn til dusk. Well she mostly chartered herself. She's a well manered old lady, despite her IOR origins.
  3. Those fugly monstruosities are litteraly built Lego style. The whole footage is mesmerizing, in a horror movie way.
  4. leuk

    Elan Sailboats

    I had a lovely time on an Elan 4, two years ago, going from Concarneau to San Sebastian and back, during a two weeks Glenans session. We chilled, raced, trained, and it was a great support for us. I found it was a cool sport cruiser, safe and reactive. Not a rocket indeed, but sensations are nice. Fairly easy to maneuver overall. Deck is clean (as with most recent designs) Basic equipments are basic but comfy enough. Just made a youtube link from that trip, since facebook vids can't be embeded
  5. Yeah he's gone too far. J/A he has been doing that for some times now. Personally, I don't mind. It might look a bit pompous, but it's a fine counterpoint to boobs&butts induced thumbnails.
  6. This is lovely too. Eric and Hugo are easily my fav sailing channels.
  7. leuk

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Escape from Ajaccio during December, within the least shitty weather window. Could not film when it got really interesting, we needed all four hands. And yes, the main looks like it has been trimmed by a disrespectful pig. Tack hoist had too much spare.
  8. I would gladly sip a warm coffee on a shielded terrace to watch the show
  9. Yep, those things are incredibly well stabilised.
  10. Might not completely belong here, but still slightly related, and impressive enough.
  11. leuk

    what it is

    And as far as other projects go, La Recouvrance is a recently built schooner, but is "only" 42m. It is still quite beautiful.
  12. leuk

    what it is

    A little more about this here: https://www.sailcargo.org/#intro Shortcut to snappies: https://www.sailcargo.org/gallery
  13. This guy's channel is getting more and more fun. It took a nice and unexpected turn.
  14. leuk

    Here Comes The Night

    This thread has some incredibly cool pics, but also some bad cases of photoshopia. And now, after that uncalled for vicious comment, here are a few more pics
  15. It's a Contessa 35. It's a really nice boat. They have been built from 75 to more or less 82. I was actually looking for one, at some point.