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  1. Tiff

    Prada Cup

  2. Tiff

    Prada Cup

    Anyone else noticed that Dean Barker strikes a startling resemblance to Stephen Hawking when hunched behind his wheel..?
  3. Tiff

    INEOS Team GB

    Weather gods blow your tits off. Not such a dog after all.
  4. Tiff

    what is it?

    The gelcoat looks a bit thin, bow and stern. Is it a nowheretosleep 35?
  5. Tiff

    INEOS Team GB

    Using that logic, nobody would have got a boat on the water until five minutes before the world series. Like some kind of strange maritime, Mexican standoff...
  6. Tiff

    INEOS Team GB

    They might have had a six month head start but I thought they were the last with a boat on the water.
  7. Tiff

    INEOS Team GB

    You don't think they'll be a standout boat in the Prada cup, but tight margins? Should be good to watch then!
  8. Tiff

    INEOS Team GB

    So after the recent practice races, is the consensus that Ineos might have got it together enough to mount a decent challenge? It's obviously the extra thick stripe on the bottom of the foil wot done it. You don't have to be an areo god to know that stripes are fast!