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  1. I can't believe you think that's a response. You must be a riot at dinner parties.
  2. Maw

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Oh really? I didn’t get that impression when they couldn’t get me off the phone quick enough, with pretty much a fuck you on the way out.
  3. Thanks Jack, interesting read. On a side note, the Chinese are toying with the idea of using man made moons to save on lighting at night. They were up to number 3 they deemed were commercially viable when I read the latest report. Technology eh?
  4. Francis, This is shit hot. I don't confess to being a subject matter expert, so the parallel research is taking a while, but it's very interesting. In the absence of any real tangible data coming from WoXI as to the actual root cause, we have to be satisfied withe the bread crumbs and work it out ourselves. This is a great reference piece in that regard. Thank you, Maw
  5. Out of techincal interest, the backhaul in my experience from fixed and rotary winged aircraft was DVB-T which is 45-860mhz. Satellite uplinks use DVB-S, which is 950-2150mhz.
  6. In a way, this is partly us as sailors not doing our part. Is our maintenance cycle post-emptive or pre-emptive? If the sub-system has a visible indicator warning of, or notification of, a failure and it not being visible, and is not being detected as part of your maintenance checks, it just seems like a pretty piss poor excuse to explain in court one day over a tragic 'accident'. Its a good subject worth gnawing at, we have a bit to learn. Edit: An example of this. In my Cat 2 and 1 compliance, there is nothing that covers off on any requirements for s critical fault to be visually or audibly identifiable. Seems wrong to me, unless you're a technical guru, that is the whole purpose of having simple led indicators. We should be able to see them easily, that's our first part. .
  7. Thanks Francis, that makes a lot of sense. I agree on the splitter complexity, but complexity also means you normally have data indication when something fails. I've deployed video to aircraft to multi ground station systems and the DVB freq they transmitted on are high power, I just haven't witnessed this level of interference. I'm always learning though.
  8. Hoppy, turning it off by mistake should still be detected. Thats my point. Why didn't they know it was off? Shoddy practice, or process.
  9. Being able to see the indicator lights on any subsystem is a must for my personal comfort level. Hence why electronics and indicator lights should be 'clustered' into strategic spots around the boat. Not everything may be visible to the naked eye, but they are all visible by opening a door. And they're all checked as part of my watch cycle in a race. Nothing should be screwed shut over an indicator led. If you cant support external leds, move the unit with the leds on it.. That's a really bad practice that is begging to be a stepping stone to a major fuckup. Boats are becoming ever more electronic, we need to manage that change to stop things from escalating to a big fubar like, I don't know... not knowing your AIS TX is fucked?
  10. On the topic of the allegation AIS is not reliable. I'm looking at why WoXI' unit died as a mater of personal selfish interest, ie: lessons learnt.. WoXi unit I assume is not a passive splitter with 3db loss. It will most likely be an amplifier and a splitter. Mine is, and its a commercial grade potentially lower than WoXI.. To blow up your AIS transmsision path from a TV camera suggest overpowering of something. So, I'm currently looking at the peak, or maximum, power that the interfaces on my splitter can handle. My AIS input max 12.5 watts, my VHF input max is 25W. What the fuck was the cameraman holding? Did he mistake his camera for a F111 Sparkvark?
  11. The concept has a good real world track record. Fiji's telecommunications backbone uses this principle and has worked surprisingly well.
  12. Jason, I just wanted to say thanks, that was really interesting article. My AIS and VHF is average range, so I ran this test this morning, quick and easy to do. Happy it was a good result, though it means I still haven't found the issue . Very enlightening.
  13. Maw

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Well done to you Potter and the Celestial crew, this was the race within a race year with all divisions up for grabs it seems! Now you’re getting it! Cunt.
  14. Happy new year to you Cal , no probs, we’ve all been there. I hope your day gets better. Im going sailing to celebrate the new year in, nice easy reach off the foreshore and watch the fireworks. Temp is in the mid 20’s and 10-15 kn onshore, little cloud and a quarter moon. I’ll be thinking of you lot as I raise a glass and welcome the new year in sailing down the moonpath.