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    Yanmar v. Universal

    As someone who owns a 2GM and a Universal engine (on carts, for teaching purposes), I can tell you I love the Yanmar so much more. Less electrical issues (Fuel pump in mechanical, which is a huge plus). The Universal has an electric fuel pump, which tends to break. If I had a choice, I would always buy the simpler Yanmar. (I also have a yanmar 2GM on my J/30 - love it)
  2. tibor.VSS

    Diesel - white “smoke” and possible non-firing cylinder?

    White smoke is caused by unburned fuel. The unburned fuel may be due to slow fuel injector timing or insufficient compression pressure. Low compression pressure may be caused buy a damaged cylinder gasket (allowing coolant to enter the combustion chamber), broken piston rings, leaking valves or incorrectly adjusted valves. Raw, unburned fuel may be due to incorrect fuel (low cetane rating) or a defective injector. Best way to check is run the engine, and crack the injectors, if it stops working, now you have 2 'broken' injectors. If it continues to run, you found the broken injector.
  3. tibor.VSS

    Used J/22 Mast

    I'm looking to buy a used J/22 mast. Google has led me no where so far, are there any other avenues I can explore?
  4. tibor.VSS

    Used J/22 Mast

    Thanks! I'm not sure I would have found that.
  5. tibor.VSS

    Used J/22 Mast

    Do you know who I should contact for that? Or should I just reach out to the class info email?
  6. tibor.VSS

    Used J/22 Mast

    I have been looking at other J/22's. I already have a fleet of 10, so for now I'll try to find a mast. But who knows, maybe I'll end up getting a whole new boat.
  7. tibor.VSS

    Used J/22 Mast

    Can't believe I didn't think of that first!
  8. tibor.VSS

    Bottom Paint removal?

    Like a few other people said, I will gladly pay for Soda Blasting. I own a number of J/22's and I sanded 1 and soda blasted another. Just the time and cleanup to do it yourself is a nightmare. Most places actually have a mobile soda blaster that can come to you as well.