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  1. Inperpetuity

    Seascape 18 in Richmond CA

    Hmm, just researched the Seascape and thats a good point, familysailor! Might be interested in picking up at Seascape 24 at some point down the line when there is a decent used market. :-)
  2. Inperpetuity

    Seascape 18 in Richmond CA

    Growing VX One fleet in the bay, if you're looking for a similar boat, familysailor :-)
  3. Inperpetuity

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    This makes way more sense to me than PHRF taking responsibility for the safety of others... it also makes sense to have representatives of different clubs doing the rating, rather than sail makers and sailboat designers, to avoid conflict of interest.
  4. Inperpetuity

    A New Income Tax Plan

    I like your idea. :-)
  5. Inperpetuity

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Perhaps we should abandon PHRF here and host our own sport boat handicap races... lawyers can keep their PHRF... we can have all race participants sign a liability waiver, if that is really the issue? Are you saying that it was very hard for you to get liability insurance for your business because of the conception that it is dangerous to sail on the bay? I'm not really seeing a lot on Google about SF Bay deaths from sailing... a couple, but the statistics seem to show it as safer than driving!
  6. Inperpetuity

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    It doesn't sound like you'll change your mind no matter what I say, but here goes... I just want to be able to race against friends who have different kinds of boats, while getting to sail the boat of my choosing. You're right that arbitrary is arbitrary. What gets me is that many other locales are inclusive of sport boats, while Norcal remains not. All it does is stunt the growth of sailboat innovation here and force people into older and slower boats. We had the America's Cup here. This is a supreme sailing location, yet we intentionally inhibit newer classes from gaining traction? I heard the argument that we just don't know how to rate the boats... well... other places have already given us a baseline. I heard the argument that it isn't fair to include planing boats in PHRF against displacement... but we already do (M24, J/70, etc) I heard the argument that they're just not safe... which again is not true. Self righting, we always wear life jackets, outboard, hiking straps, and have controls to depower much more effectively than say... a J24 in very heavy wind. Hell, I would even sign a liability waiver if thats what they need! Where do we draw the line? YES: Boats like the Open 5.70, Viper 640, VX1 which were designed with a keel NO: Some hack job of adding weight and a motor to something that was obviously designed without a keel
  7. Inperpetuity

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    I would race around the Farrolanes in a VX, yes. Used to do Santa Barbara to King Harbor overnight race on a Pyramid 660 and it was a blast. Several sportboats are allowed to race PHRF here because they happen to fall within the arbitrary limits... Melges 24, J/70, Melges 20. Your argument would be valid if PHRF here was all big displacement keel boats, but its not.
  8. Inperpetuity

    VX One in Portsmouth Rating

    VX won the Richmond YC (NorCal) open class midwinter recently against several Flying Dutchmen, a Seascape 18, and a Johnson 18. First to finish and first after adjusted time with a 77 rating. Not sure about the conditions, but I assume light air considering the time of year. Kelly could speak more about it, but a 132 PHRF definitely doesn't sound accurate... since that would be slower than a J/70.
  9. Inperpetuity

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    What does this mean? Aren’t the only laws suits they’d be exposed to is discrimination against sport boats? Other localities are giving ratings. Perhaps I will just sail the race and keep my own time with ratings and see how I do against the fleet with the rating given to me by somewhere else. Build some evidence for the rating and submit it.
  10. Inperpetuity

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    I think I’m going to name my VX “PHRF 110? Please?” and then come out to some beer can races on the bay.
  11. The VX One ticks your boxes and is faster than the J/70. 19 feet and super easy to transport. Amazing sailing with 1 - 3.
  12. Inperpetuity

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    I'm buying the VX One for lots of reasons: modern tech like self tacking jib and continuous retrieval / launch line for the kite will help my non sailing wife acclimate more easily the form factor is very appealing to me. 19 feet long means I can launch it anywhere with ease and pull it with any car I'll get to sail with Kelly Pike and we'll have 2 of them at the HMBYC It is small enough that we can get starts with Flying Dutchmen and other similarly rated Pourtsmouth boats If the Viper had more of a following in Northern California I'd consider it just for that reason. The J/70 and Melges 20s are not on my radar because they are just bigger and slower boats for more $$. It doesn't make sense to me to spend more $$ on a slower design that still requires rail meat.
  13. Inperpetuity

    PA lefties...line up

    I don't know what letter you're talking about. If it is a letter that somehow signifies someone thinks for themselves and doesn't just regurgitate Fox News, then yeah...
  14. Inperpetuity

    PA lefties...line up

    That's a fair point. I was just recently in Nebraska and met a lot of really nice left leaning and intelligent folks. It seems that there are just less of them and more dumb people. In fact I've met good folks in every red state I've been to. I just think the Trumpettes are confused and theorize its because they're either greedy or dumb.
  15. Inperpetuity

    PA lefties...line up

    I'm just so tired of dumb people having the power to gridlock and cheat our system simply because they have more land around them and get an unequal amount of say. Cities lean blue, rural areas lean red. People inherently have more compassion by living in closer proximity to other people, so we have a bunch of people who don't have to give a fuck about anyone else but themselves having more of a say than those who actually care about other people. I've been exposed to flat earthers recently also... I have this theory... I bet not every Trump supporter is a Flat Earther, but I guarantee all flat earthers are Trump supporters! <--- see, automatically you guys have more dumb people