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  1. David: Some people do want to race, look at the LORC regattas, Susan Hood, Lake Ontario 300, LOSHR's etc. The problem, if it is a problem, is that the majority of boats racing in the Toronto area prefer to race One Design. We have J 105, J 24's, Melges 20's, Etchells, J 80's, J 27's,8 Metres and Beneteau 36.7's racing in LORC races, the OD fleets made up 77% of the fleet at the ABYC Open Regatta, IRC made up the other 23%. There was also a point to point race for PHRF boats, 14 boats did the point to point race. ABYC has tried to encourage more PHRF participation by offering a reduced entry fee with littly success. RCYC stopped offering a PHRF division last year and starte the Offshore Rallye for PHRF boats, they had about 30 boats, mostly non racers from RCYC, but they got boat out. Getting a PHRF certificate is very simple.talk to your club PHRF handicapper and he will heip measure your sails. The application form is quite simple, and the certificate only costs about $30.00. The $30.00 certificate is valid in races anywhere on Lake Ontrio, Lake Simcoe or Georgian Bay. IRC has a few boats outside the Toronto area, but the majority of IRC certificates are from boats in the Toronto area. An IRC certificate is expensive compared to a PHRF certificate at around $20.00 per meter of boat length. The certificiate is valid anywhere in the world where IRC is used. IRC involves gettng measured and possibley weiged (an option) measurement is relatively cheap as is weighing. IRC will provide a provisional rating for boats that want to try it, they can race 2 regattas with a provisional rating, if they want to race any more races, then they need to get a certificate.IRC is a rule for "Cruiser/Racers" it gives credit for full interiors and cruising features and penalizes non cruisey feaures, for instance removing a tale is a 3.6 second per hour penalty. So for the more serious racer where there is no OD racing, IRC is a good fit.
  2. CAN217: Unless you have made changes to the boat, you do not have to re-weigh. Unless you have made changes to your sails, then you do not have to re-measure them. If you have purchased new sails, then your sailmaker should provide a measurement certificate with the sail.
  3. In the West end of Lake Ontario, if you want to race in interclub events, you do not have many options. PHRF is usually your only choice. In the toronto Area, there are multiple choices. IRC is the dominant handicap system, followed by a number of OD fleets including J 105's, J 24's, 8 Meters, Etchells, Melges 20, J 27, J 80, Beneteau 36.7. LORC handles the web site, online registration and scoring, the host clubs are responsible for everything else. The host clubs decide which boats they want to attract, in the past couple of years, ABYC has offered a reduced entry fee to PHRF boats to try to get more PHRF boats out, they got less. This year to try to attract more PHRF boats, they are trying a Coastal (distance) race, much like the Offshore Rally that RCYC tried last year. The Offshore Rally had about 30 boats, mainly RCYC boats that do not normaly race, but a few PHRF boats from other clubs. If you want to race PHRF, then you need to get other PHRF racers to come out. QCYC is the only club that actively promotes it's LORC Open Regatta to it's own members and gets a large fleet of boat that race PHRF only it their own clubs regatta.
  4. Use of a Code Zero in a White Sails fleet. Under the PHRF LO definition, Jib is defined under the Racing Rules of Sailing, section 50.4. Headsails. RRS 50.4 Headsails: For the purposes of rules 50 and 54 and Appendix G, the difference between a headsail and a spinnaker is that the width of a headsail, measured between the midpoints of its luff and leech, is less than 75% of the length of its foot. A sail tacked down behind the foremost mast is not a headsail. I suggest that any code zero that you intend to use in a White Sails race be measured by your sailmaker and the measurements be given to your club handicapper. If the sail is deemed to be a Genoa, then the LP must be measured and would most likely be the largest genoa on the boat and would be penalized as such. John Crawley Toronto West District Chief Handicapper.
  5. LORC Awards Night. LORC and the IRC Association have joined together to host the 2013 Awards night at Port Credit Yacht Club on Wednesday February 12. Start time 7pm All skippers and crew welcome.
  6. At todays LYRA AGM, ABYC was awarded LYRA for 2014 and Sodus Bay was awarded LYRA for 2015.
  7. The RC on Echo was equally awesome juggling 4 very diverse fleets. I think the Kirby 25's got 5 races on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. We got 4 and 2. JohnCrawley was entertaining as always. The party was great and the venue was, well, Youngstown! Can't wait for next year I think that you mean John Weakley, not John Crawley. I highly object to being mistaken for Mr. Pith Helmet. He is a lot older than me and not nearly as handsome. I was only in Youngstown on Friday afternoon to help with ratings, I then went home. John Crawley
  8. The LORC registration page is now up and running. We are still waiting for a response from the tax people on HST, but can not wait any longer. For those compaining that registration was not up, I expect lots of registrations this week.
  9. LORC is patiently waiting for a ruling from Revenue Canada whether we need to add GST/HST to the fees. LORC Registrar.
  10. Do Tell/Share...am I still racing a boat 10' longer than myself in IRC3? Andrew: You should have come out more often. 515 might have been 10ft longer than you, but it was a HUNTER, with a disgusting looking wing keel! It was extremely well sailed, consistently at the top of the fleet overall. The old Press Gang becomes the new 515 in IRC 1 and the old Mummy becomes the new Press Gang also in IRC 1. We have some inquiries from some smaller boats, the last of the PHRF racers, so might have an IRC 4 next season. We now have around 100 boats on Lake Ontario with IRC certificates, around 80 in Canada and 20 on the US side. jcc
  11. KC&C For interclub racing try www.lorc.org. There is a calendar for 2011 and 2012 showing all of the club regattas, also try http://www.2011ircnorthamericans.com/ and http://www.lyra-2011.com/Default.aspx That should be enough racing to keep you busy until haulout.
  12. There were 5 Race Circles at ABYC, if you have a complaint, then complain about the course that you were on and not the ALL of them. Before complaining about the Volunteers who man the race committee maybe you should think about why there was a delay. My understanding after listening to a number of the race committee's was there were considerable wind shifts with 180 degree wind shifts from one end of the course to the other. I spoke with one boat who sailed the upwind leg, and then sailed upwind on the downwind leg due to a wind shift. The race committee try to get the best racing for the racers, most of the racers appreciate the work done by the race committee, but not you. I have to assume that you were on a Beneteau 36.7, as the IRC fleet got in 3 races to your 2 races on Saturday and you don't seem to like the 8 Metres.
  13. RCYC Alpha course results are on the LORC web site, because I processed them. I will post the other course results when I receive the files. The other courses are not on the rcycopen.ca web site but are up on the rcyc.ca site. The next Open Regatta is at Port Credit Yacht Club on July 11th & 12th, followed by Etobicoke Yacht Club on August 29th & 30th. LORC is an organization of 21 Yacht Clubs in the Toronto area. LORC handles registration and scoring, the Clubs handle promotion and race organization. jcc