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  1. mrcjolsen

    Boats with outboards

    My wife actually got me a groupon for a sailing class that focuses on crewing.
  2. mrcjolsen

    Boats with outboards

    Race went well. I've been invited to the beer can series this spring.
  3. mrcjolsen

    Boats with outboards

    Are the throttle and direction controls on the boat or on the motor?
  4. mrcjolsen

    Boats with outboards

    Smallish boats - 20-25' with outboards - are they steered with the tiller, or by turning the motor? Are there throttle controls on the boat, or do you just turn the handle on the motor?
  5. mrcjolsen

    First time crewing tomorrow

    Had fun. Was on mainsail trim. Did well (on a Laser, that's like your one job besides steering the boat). Next race is on the 9th. Rigging was way more confusing than I expected and 33 foot boats are much smaller than they look on Craigslist.
  6. mrcjolsen

    First time crewing tomorrow

    Midwinter race. Nice weather. 5-8 mph wind forecast. 33 foot Sailing experience - Laser, Holder 14, lots, long ago. What to wear? What to bring? Do I need my own life vest? Should I bring beer? What not to do?
  7. mrcjolsen

    Tell me all the reasons this is a bad idea.

    How hard would it be to move such a boat to NorCal? Aside from sailing it. (Unless, of course, I had Tunnel Rat on board, then there would be nothing to fear.)
  8. mrcjolsen

    Tell me all the reasons this is a bad idea.

    I know how to sail. I practically lived on a Laser when I was a kid. Sailed a keel boat a few times. I even have the Small Boat Sailing merit badge. I just have some holes in my knowledge (docking, MOB, using any sort of motor etc.) that need to be filled before anyone will let me skipper their boat on the SF Bay. I also haven't been on the water in about 25 years.
  9. mrcjolsen

    Tell me all the reasons this is a bad idea.

    Thanks. When I ran the idea by my accountant/managerial supervisor she said not no but hell no. She has, however, agreed to support me in any training endeavors that’s might allow me to sail other people boats.