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  1. Screw Loose of course sailed out of Mersey Yacht Club for a while, just along the coast from the Tamar where we'll sail out of. Not 100% sure, but I think one of my co-owners may have even sailed on Screw Loose for a bit. Probably the most adventurous we'll get to is some local coastal racing out of the Tamar, and perhaps a Launceston to Hobart (which I did a couple of times on our old boat Pogue Mahone - now renamed Seduction and racing out of Mornington) and last year on Green 31 Lawless. cheers Peter
  2. Well, C249MKII has come up with the goods, a 1982/83 Yachting NSW year book which lists Industries as sail no 2302, which matches our bow registration number, so it does look like Dire Straights IS Industries, and therefore ISN'T a Whiting 30. She's obviously been modified quite a bit since Ken Beashel last saw her - cabin, inboard motor keel instead of centreboard etc. It's great to get some history, and we look forward to having a bit of fun with Dire Straights when we get her. Who knows, we may even take her back to the original name in due course, and perhaps even the colour scheme when we find out what it was. cheers Peter in Tassie
  3. Ah, I hadn't realised there was a mis-spelling on that site - Whitting rather than Whiting, that has given detail of a lot more boats which I will study later. However, have had a contact saying that Industries' sail number started with 23, and the number on the bow of Dire Straights is 2302N, so that is intriguing. Looking forward to getting delivery so we can check these sorts of things out.
  4. OK, spoke to Ken Beashel, and sent him photos as it had been suggested on another forum it may be his "Industries" from the 1977 Half Ton Cup. He indicated that whilst the stern looks to be the same, from his recollection the interior looked different, and the chine stringer wasn't as substantial as he remembered, so his feeling was that it was't Industries, and probably was a Whiting. So, we'll wait until we take delivery, and check things like the sail number which may provide more info for us. I might try to track down Paul's sister to see if there was any track kept of builds etc Thanks everyone for your input
  5. OK, got some better photos: Hull shape definitely different to Magic Dragon as displayed before. I note that it doesn't have the bustle ahead of the rudder like a lot of other IOR boats cheers Peter
  6. These are a couple of the photos, including a prior colour scheme. I will try to track down copies of a couple of others which show hull shape and cockpit layout better.
  7. Reality was that we bought it for the price, sad I know...... Looking for a much faster boat than our Holland 25, want to be at least on the heels of a very well sailed Green 31 at our club. However, we reckon it will be a fun boat whatever. No runners, swept back rig so should be easyish to sail, probably very hard to sail to its full potential no doubt. Hull shape, particularly the forefoot, not at all like Magic Dragon though. Another forum has suggested the boat may not be a Whiting, and may in fact be Ken Beashel's "Industries". There are photos of Dire Straights painted a particularly bright green very similar to the colour of Industries when it was moored on the Lane Cove River. Any thoughts on that as a possibility? cheers Peter
  8. Yes
  9. My syndicate has very recently been successful in purchasing a Whiting 30 from Sydney, currently named Dire Straights and originally (??) named Bare Necessities. We purchased this sight unseen apart from the Ebay photos, so may have well purchased a pig in a poke, but our plan is to truck it down to Yaringa, re-rig it and get mechanicals etc checked out, and then sail back to Tassie. Worst case we figure we'd get our money back by breaking it up and selling the components etc. Our internet searches have really only turned up mentions of Quartertonners (Magic Bus, Newspaper Taxi etc), 32' ers and One Tonners (Smackwater Jack) etc, but no mention of a 30. I'd be interested in any info anyone can provide about the design generally, or this boat specifically. thanks Peter
  10. Thanks Toe Rag for keeping the Aussie threads at the top of the list. ;-) Oh, and any time you feel the need to fuck yourself up your own arse with your head while looking for your friends just go ahead, it's fine by us. Yeah Steve, it's great how DoRag rhymns so well with Douche Bag
  11. Heard over the VHF about Hot Prospect up on the beach at start of Easter. All OK? Shit weather, had 25kts up the bum out through Marion Narrows on Sat morning, very relieved to get clear. Doing 8 kts under jib only on the way up to Maria Island until wind eased enough to put up the main. Then Sunday morning tried to head north from Wineglass - 5 1/2 hrs to Bicheno, 1 1/2 hours to get back when we decided to try another day!!! We can now say we know what the Wineglass Bay entrance looks like from the south and the north. Very glad to get home Tuesday afternoon to the Tamar!! Two Heads
  12. Was in Hobart today and saw "Stealth" on a dolly in the boat park at the Royals. Is this Stealth as in Stealth 8, or a different design??? Two Heads
  13. Guys, planning to leave the boat in Hobart for a couple of months after L2H, for channel cruising etc. We are waitlisted at Oyster Cove for a marina berth, what other options are there in the area? How far up the Huon is Kermandie? We draw 1.8m, would we have any problems getting up to there? or does anyone know of a swing mooring at Kettering that would be available for rent for that period???? cheers Two Heads
  14. Aaron, we lost the glass infill panel when the boat was on the mooring in a storm one day - knot on securing rope came undone. Made a replacement from plywood which we eventually glued in permanently. Slight leaking from the top, just use a sponge to empty. I thought I had some photos of it on the CD I sent you a while back, but they may well ahve been taken earlier though cheers Two Heads
  15. Aaron, that's exactly what we did with the motor well on Fly'n High. Worked a treat. Just one thing to watch, I had a dose of brain fade when I was making the filler piece for the bottom of the hull, and used epoxy. Glued it into the hull and then tried to flowcoat to make nice and neat, then wondered why all the flowcoat flaked off. Doh :o I made a long fibreglass panel to cover the top of the well, put in a hatch and some non skid tape, and voila, a nice big esky in close reach of the helmsman Two Heads PS hows the MMs going - started building your son's yet???? Ta and no problems Brett. I read thru all your other posts and thats what prompted me to ask for the pics of the rudder assmebly and transom. You probably get heaps of weather helm trying to steer with a partially swung rudder hey ? Youll be much happier with your new drop rudder blade. We just set ours at whetever depth we need using a rubber wedge, crude but it works. I thought about a hole or two thru the blade at different heights and a stainless pin but thats on hold. Our outboard is mounted on a bracket on the transom giving ultimate manouvrability in tight situations and can be raised vertically to motor thru shallow areas. I reckon seal up the outboard well at the hull, put a lid on top, plenty of insulation and youd have the cooler box from hell all within reach of the helm ! If youd like any pics of our setup on the Mk3, just ask. look forward to seeing your pics of rudder etc. cheers, Aaron