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  1. Delivery home after a long race and party at YC. We put the boat away and had a dry driver for the long night motor home. We all just settled in when the owner shorted out the whole system including the fuel pump. No engine, lights or nav. we had to all put gear on and sail the boat home. lost wind after a few hours and just drifted till it came back. had to shine a flashlight on the sails when there was traffic on the water. wind picked up as we came home and sailed into slip at sun up. We had to put some crew to bed because they were drunk and in danger on deck.
  2. Benytoe


    is it too early to start drinking?
  3. Benytoe

    afternoon sail

    what ever gets you on the water
  4. Benytoe

    afternoon sail

    everyday is unless you break something $$$$$
  5. Benytoe

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    I had a line hanging down to the water so i could grab and pull the ladder down. Before that boat I didnt have a ladder on the boat so i hung a knoted line from cleat to cleat on the transom hanging down low enough that i could grab and pull myself out of the water. The knots helped with griping and pulling myself up.
  6. They should do a waypoint race or a around the islands?
  7. Benytoe

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    Thank you everyone for your ideas, I knew some of them but there was other good points to consider. My goal is to just be able to sail for as long as I can because then I will miss it for the rest of my life.
  8. Very nice and the production of the video is getting really good!! even the host. I think doing the mac 26 would awesome just as a joke,
  9. Benytoe

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    Thank you for your reply, I am planning on being local in the bay area with offshore trips south maybe as far as Catalina island? my last boat was a 40 foot Mexico/hawaii vet that was fully equipped but I was not ready to do mexico at the time so the boat was a waste and covid changed everything. My plan now is to start again but do the lng distance passages on other boats. I dont plan on racing my new boat either, I have plenty of race boats that I crew on.
  10. Benytoe

    Retro Boat - Oddities

    theres one on a trailer down the street from me. the silly little ropes that raise and lower the twin rudders
  11. Benytoe

    Retro Boat - Oddities

    yea they need to do the mac26 just because its SA most hated boated, it could provide hours of ridicule
  12. Benytoe

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    Yea I like the cars, the main will fall faster then you can let go of the line.
  13. Benytoe

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    yes you are right, deck layout will be the key
  14. Benytoe

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    I am in the process again of looking for another boat, it will be my fifth and could be my last. I am fine now but dont want a boat that I will have to sell in the future because I cant handle it anymore. Looking at gear or designs that could allow me to sail without having to call up crew to go out for a daysail. A roller furl headsail I have had in the past and love but thinking about a furling main? or a very easy stack pak system for dousing? I have used a electric winch before for halyards and thought that worked great, jib winches maybe? keeping the traveler out of the cockpit would make moving around easier. Lines led to the cockpit is common now too. A good autopilot to steer when needed. I know a lot of people will look down at some things like furling mains but I want to be able to sail and not be kept at home dreaming about it. My last boat was 40 feet and I was solo half the time and want to be able to do it again. Any other ideas?
  15. Benytoe

    "The previous owner didn't ..."

    I got a good boat too, but but that was the survey said and recomended buying it so I did. Its nice paying a little more to get a boat that you dont have fix all the time