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  1. Adventures Of A Ginger

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I’ll do my best in future to avoid anything that could be perceived as factual or relevant! Comanche was out yesterday and today as well but chose not to race. You would think that BJ would have smoked Infotrack today but there was so little between the two that it was only the poor start from BJ that split them. Wouldn’t count Infotrack out and will be keen to see how it plays out on Tuesday!
  2. Adventures Of A Ginger

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Was interesting to see infotrack get a solid win today in the CYCA trophy. It was a 15kn Nor’easter and the only difference seemed to be the 6 lengths after a mistake from BJ at the start. BJ got stuck slow and to leeward of Infotrack when the gun went and then went Eastern Channel out the harbour which cost them two extra tacks and a few lengths. From there, the margin seemed pretty consistent and there wasn’t a lot between them. They crossed the line with virtually the same margin as when they left the harbour.
  3. Adventures Of A Ginger

    Wet weather gear

    Yeah, the lack of hood worries me although I do like the waterproof neck/wrist seal. I suppose that any change in layers when on deck means harness has to come off?
  4. Adventures Of A Ginger

    Wet weather gear

    Thanks @JMore I took a look back but no one had mentioned the layering before. @duncan (the other one) Much appreciated. The rep was suggesting the smock as the go to but then chucking a jacket on top for the rail. I’m a fan of the rubber neck seal, nothing worse than water running down the back of your neck. But unsure about the lack of hood. Anyone found this was a drama or just gone for a warm beanie?
  5. Adventures Of A Ginger

    Wet weather gear

    Hi all, The time has come for new wet weather gear and it has raised the difficult question: Smock VS Jacket I sail out of Sydney and mostly race offshore on a variety of boats (first 40, old TP and virtually anything I can get my hands on). Generally speaking I helm/trim main doing BWPS, Southport race and Hobart as well as round the cans. I thought I was set until a Musto rep suggested an MPX smock (with the rubber neck seal) & an MPX jacket as an option rather than HPX. Has anything tried something like this? Makes sense and gives me an option for more protection when on the rail, for virtually the same price as HPX but not sure on combining two outer layers. Appreciate opinions/experiences!