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  1. Thank you all--unfortunately I do live 2 hours away from the Bay but don't mind the drive. I appreciate the cost factors and estimates. It looks like an annual outlay could be around $5,000 depending on sail replacement. If not it could be much less. I will look at both sizes when I am ready. Thank you all I really appreciate the knowledge base. Many many thanks Rich
  2. Thank you for your insight. You are right that racing is not at the top but might be on occasional thing but i think they would both be fast fun boats. I think you are right if I can handle both boats when the family might want to go out the 27 would have more room. I am 2 hours away so I would want a boat I could at least sleep on. The J27 it seems are about twice as expensive but you get more boat. It is the initial investment. Thank you for your comments I appreciate it. If you think of anything please come back. Rich
  3. Hello, let me give you more info. I would like to purchase a boat but do not have one yet and investigating the price difference since I am on a budget and want to make the right choice. So at this I am not at a marina so don't have those costs. i don't have a vehicle that could pull a boat at all. If it is not a Jboat which I like I wanted to compare costs between the two size boats whatever type it is for example is there a big difference in a 24 foot versus 26 or 27 foot. I understand that you pay the slip fee if kept in a slip by the foot and insurance I guess that depends on the boat and its value. Maintenance probably would depend on the condition of the boat. I would like to have the ability to single hand the sailboat as my son now is engaged and has his mind on other things so I would still like to be able to sail. I am located in Harrisburg PA and would keep the boat on the Northern part of the Chesapeake either close to Annapolis or the Eastern Shore of Maryland. thanks in advance for your advice. If I missed something please come back. Rich
  4. Hello, I like the J24 and J27 but wondering what the cost difference would be not counting the initial cost to buy but the yearly cost between the two. I would use it more for fun and race occasionally but would also like to be able to sleep on it as I am 2 hours from the bay. Any advice would be helpful.