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  1. Two questions guys. Is there a contraption made that would lock the tiller into a certain location which would allow one to work with the sails while sailing solo? Second, since the centerboard raises and lowers while racing (allowed in the class) is there a mechanical winch that you guys are aware of which would raise/lower it remotely while sailing? Other ideas to set up a boat like this for solo sailing?
  2. I looked at the Beneteau First 25 and was impressed with the boat and the speed. Having said that, the only used boats were in Europe. I really didn't want to spring for a new boat. I figure for under 15K I can get into an S2 and get a new set of sails at the same time. The Beneteau new was significantly more expensive.
  3. Bob, When I say ocean, I mean along the coast and in Long Island Sound. Nothing else. I like to see land. It would be an entirely different vessel if I wanted to sail to Bermuda. I'm looking for the best of both worlds. An aggressive racer that I can easily trailer and take to regattas. I really wanted a J24 but my lake ramp would make it very difficult to get it in and out.
  4. So guys, if I go with the S2 7.9, am I making a mistake? I figure it should do well against the Capri 22's, can be trailered easily, can be sailed by two (without the spinnaker) and can also be sailed on the ocean without a problem? Please advise. . .
  5. Hi Guys, I need advice on purchasing a boat for lake sailing that will consistently outduel Capri 22's in PHRF. With that being said, I also want something that has a good class to trailer it to Regattas on the eastern half of the US. I've looked extensively at J24's (need a large crew to race them) and am leaning toward an S2 7.9 (my limit is 26 feet for a new boat). Please advise. Thanks so much.