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  1. Canhobie

    A-Class foiling sailors

    I was replying to a post on this same thread from you,I guess it was back on Nov. 5 2018 where the original poster was talking about getting caught in a storm.Look back you will see.
  2. Canhobie

    A-Class foiling sailors

    The idea of dropping the main in a storm seems like a really good idea.I have done this myself when returning to shore with a prevailing wind.The only concern I would have with doing it in a storm is how to collect the mainsail while it is coming down.It would seem to me to be a cluster Fuc.. to gather main and keep it on the boat.It would also be very tricky ( I would think ) to get the main hooked up again after stom passes,which would pretty much limit you to drifting downwind.The upside to all this is you would definitely survive the storm with minimal damage.
  3. Canhobie

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    All great advice thanks.I like you ,use to not wrap the Mainsheet around hand but since once having the boat get away from me when trap line broke, the wrap on hand is my way of tethering myself to boat in case of capsize.
  4. Canhobie

    A cat trailer

    Modify a regular Cat trailor so the beams rest on the bunks.
  5. Canhobie

    Diamond Wire Rod Rigging

    I actually have 2 of them,why you want one
  6. Canhobie

    Diamond Wire Rod Rigging

    Anyone figured out how to compare Diamond Wire Tension with Rod Rigging (A Cat) using a Loose Gauge meant for Wire?Is there some conversion method?
  7. Getting to open water is a little challegeing A few obstacles But otherwise a great sail
  8. Canhobie

    Hobie 16 Worlds

    You can follow here,great coverage. Mostly light winds so far,but really tight close racing. Hard to beat the Hobie 16 for competitive Cat racing.
  9. Canhobie

    SailGP 2020

    I like that thinking.
  10. Canhobie

    A Cat World Champions 2019

    In defence of the Laser Class and the Hobie 16 there is quite a bit of satisfaction gained from knowing you are all competing on equal equipment.So you know it is the " Man not the Machine"
  11. Canhobie

    A Cat World Champions 2019

    From a guy that races Lasers and Cats and DN iceboats,and just getting my feet wet in the A Cat Scene,I am totally on board with Maxstaylocks comments and observations.
  12. Interesting post,so what was the agreement between Bundocks and Waterhouse? Third place for Lange-Carranza, the senior Arg crew has already secured their participation for Tokyo 2020, after last Worlds and on the spot Lange pressured the uprising talented Majdalani & Bosco and make them sign and agreement to let go any official internal qualification in exchange for granted economical support , shared training and a Panamericans spot... We don't agree at all with that move, and now Lange is forced no excuses to bring a medal from Tokyo, anything less will be a failure and wasted opportunities, 4 years taken out of another young crew and a chance to growth further for this campaign. Like Waterhouse & Darmanin did when Bundy was campaigning for Rio. There was no qualy that time neither for the Australian team, but the point being how a younger crew without Olympic experience were performing up to par or better than a legend like Bundock.
  13. Canhobie

    Wings on Rudders

    Mine our 250 mm by 50 mm tapered to 30 mm at the ends
  14. Canhobie

    Wings on Rudders

    Thank you,maybe I am just getting itchy underware about installing them.That makes good sence.
  15. Canhobie

    Wings on Rudders

    Would you not just need to mark the water line in calm water on the rudders to find 0 deg AOA?As opposed to making a line from bow to stern and then extrapolating onto rudders?