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  1. jamesmalcolm

    J/24 Adjustable Mast Step

    I finally managed to track one down for myself but haven't installed it yet. Does anyone have a photo of one in action that they could post?
  2. This thread seems a little dead but I bought a 1988 J/24 two years ago. I lucked out by finding a good boat so I haven't had to start from scratch like you're talking about, but I thought I would list some numbers that I found partially through dumb luck and partially through careful searches of Craigslist and eBay. $500 for the boat. There was some wet core in the foredeck which I have yet to repair and the boat seemed to have been partially converted to cruising (run of the mill hull paint, self tailing winches, upper and lower lifelines) but a good mast, good keel, and decent hardware. $600 for a trailer but an additional $400 for tires- It was ugly, peeling paint, rust, broken trailer lights, but a solid frame. The tires would have been about $200 but some of the rims were rusted out so I needed new tires and rims. About $500 in line. I've replaced everything but the spin sheets, main sheet, and main halyard. Used sails, $250 for a main, $800 for a genoa, both 3-4 seasons old. Someone gave me a spinnaker and I kept the blade the boat came with. They've been decent PHRF and club racing sails, but I wouldn't take them to nationals. $1,200 on hardware so far. Half a dozen cam cleats, random pins, universal for the tiller extension, new rachet blocks for the spinnaker and genoa, and random odds and ends. $500 for general maitinence, I redid all of the teak toerails and trim, painted the interior, and repainted the trailer and put on new trailer lights, and had the motor worked on. $200-300 on class required equipment, flares, float cushion, tools for the boat to tune and satisfy class requirements I still have a lot to do, I've got to redo the bottom paint and the nonskid, but I want to replace the wet core and then paint all at once so I'm waiting till the end of this season. I don't know if this helps, but there ya go. If I remember anything else I'll edit it in.
  3. jamesmalcolm

    J/24 Adjustable Mast Step

    Both were measured at North Americans last year, forestay is maximum length and the mast is minimum length. I want to make sure the mast is centered side to side but I also am concerned about fore and aft. If it isn't perfectly in the center, I would likely have to unscrew it and drill new holes whether I was moving the old one or inserting a new adjustable one. The problem is, the adjustable ones are impossible to find. From what I've heard from other sailors and from YouTube is that the mast step is the hardest thing to put in the right place and an adjuster is usually the way to go, but if I can't find one I might have to learn to live without.
  4. jamesmalcolm

    J/24 Adjustable Mast Step

    I've been looking for a J/24 adjustable mast step but haven't been able to find one. Anyone know where too look? APS, Harken, and Waterline systems don't have the, I've checked the class forums with no luck so far. Could I just set my current mast step in exactly the right spot so that I don't need the adjuster?
  5. jamesmalcolm

    J Class Weight limits

    Weight limits help the lighter guys, I sail with a junior J/24 crew and we with six people total we are 60-70 lbs underweight. I sailed J70s with a light crew and we couldn't keep it together upwind when it got windy. I feel sorry for crew members who get left on the dock because of weight limits but it keeps things fair.