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  1. Thanks all. I have just returned from Adelaide and Alex and the boat are in decent spirits all things considered. Unfortunately we cant afford any more record attempts, and even this one was done on a low budget with crowd funding which was hard work over many years... It's sad, but Pixel Flyer is now up for Sale. Pixel Flyer for sale 1.pdf
  2. It was for a University project - with the aim to record an 'audioscape' of where Alex was sailing for future analysis.
  3. Everything is coming together - thank you so much for your comments, support and help. Meanwhile, plans have been made in huge part thanks to Mark Sinclair (& his boat Coconut) who had to retire recently from the Golden Globe Race after 155 days solo and he happens to be based in Adelaide! He also had to retire in need of repairs so I am sure he can empathise with Alex's situation. He has arranged for Alex to berth with the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron and as it is likely that Alex will arrive on Saturday, he should have a decent escort and celebration coming in - they are all on high alert for him! Rum is being flown in especially... LOL. Alex and Pixel Flyer's plans are still TBC after the weekend... but no, no toilet on board - just a non-electric bucket
  4. Hello, Unfortunately Alex decided this morning to retire. Tough decision as I'm sure you can appreciate after 14,000 miles. More updates can be found on his tracker link: Meanwhile, if any of you are based in Adelaide, Australia... please shout. He should be there in 3-4 days. He's just downloading charts, and I will need to sort out immigration and insurance. He would appreciate technical or moral support. Thank you. Paula
  5. Thanks. He is enjoying good weather - as are we in the UK! He slowed a bit today but speed is picking up again. Tense stuff for us armchair dot watchers...!
  6. JMore, thanks for starting this thread. 'this guy' is my fiance, Alex Alley!! He's had about three High Pressure systems to content with that slowed him down and put him behind, but now he's further South and heading East, he's picking up speed and achieved 281 miles in the last 24 hours. We have lots of spreadsheets on the go as his VMG depends on what overall mileage he's going to hit; somewhere between 26,000 and 27,000 we think. Based on the 26,000 mileage, he's currently about 2 days behind Guo's record, but making on it in big bites each day at these average speeds of 11+... All is well with him and the boat currently and I have just posted a big update on the Tracker.
  7. Hello. I’m Paula, Alex’s fiancé. Alex & I met on the Global Challenge 15 years ago – Alex was my Watch Leader on Team Stelmar and we both did the whole race in 2004-5. We’re (finally!) getting married this year on 7 September. I’ve just come across your conversation on here as I was trying to find the original routing of Guo Chuan’s record attempt. I thought i'd answer some of your questions... Alex’s start date and time was 31 December 2018 at 14h 31mins 09 sec, 'subject to ratification by the WSSRC'. If he is to beat the current World Record then his deadline is to cross the line again going the other way, on 18 May 2019 at 10h 32mins 06 secs. He started off Ushant. Tracker link: I post comments on here when I can, some of which maybe a bit naïve to you all as I’m not a through and through sailor. (I did the GC and a bit on the Class 40, more because I am adventurer) I have also posted some weather reports on there from Nick Leggatt, our router. As you say, it’s interesting to watch this alongside Spindrift 2 who was alongside us in Brest marina, and the current Golden Globe. Alex isn’t ‘famous’ as such – though he hopefully will get more known hopefully for all the right reasons! He is basically just trying to follow his dream to attempt a solo, RTW. Here is his sailing resume Alex taught himself to sail in a Mirror dinghy on a lake as a child. Began racing dinghies such as Merlin Rockets at local clubs then started racing 1/4 tonners at Royal Temple Yacht Club (Ramsgate, Kent) age 14. 4 years racing 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 tonners at RTYC with much success. Studied Naval Architecture/Yacht design at Southampton and began racing 1 tonners from Hamble. Selected to represent England in team championships in 1990/1 which he won. Various national championships in different classes. 2004/5 Global Challenge Watch Leader on the round-the-world race on Team Stelmar. 6th overall and set several records for the race despite two separate Southern Ocean medivacs. 2006-8 raced Mini circuit double-handed on Proto 419. 2009/10 Raced Class 40 Palanad 2 No.43 double-handed. 2011 began crowdfunding for PixelBoat campaign - original intention was to compete in the Global Ocean Race (now defunct). Skippered various race yachts for private owners, including Panther in RORC, Caribbean 600 and Antigua sailing week. 2015 bought Class 40 GBR112 (ex-Jasmine Flyer/Cessna) and renamed her Pixel Flyer. 2015 Length of Britain record with Phil Sharp and Sean Conway. 2017 Solo around the Isle of Wight record. 2018/9 Currently on solo non-stop around the world record for 40' yacht. Alex’s record attempt is mainly crowd funded through people buying ‘pixels’ on the hull. They then uploaded their pictures, photos and logos which were printed and transferred onto the hull. Some sails were sponsored by organisations such as Fasthosts and all ropes supplied by English Braids. Thank you for starting the thread and for following him... I hope you all wish him all the best with this challenge!