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  1. Sea420

    Team NZ

    How could one vary righting weight in a foiling monohull to suit wind conditions? Dynamically control the windward foil Twist the main sail to spill wind Turn the boat up and downwind like a sailing dinghy Move crew about All of these either depower or limit options. What about a day of 20 knots with gusts to 25 or 30 knots? I reckon I know the answer. Surtees does too.
  2. Sea420

    Team NZ

    It'll be bolted to the front of the Viaduct Events Centre shortly.
  3. Sea420

    Team NZ

    He knows I live in a boat? Wow, I'm scared.
  4. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Only a cunt would use the insignia of the SAS in their profile picture.
  5. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Cameras are everywhere. Be careful in public.
  6. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Really? Have you seen the boat in Albany?
  7. Sea420

    Team NZ

    This is a handsome boat.
  8. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Wrong. The boat is at the Viaduct.
  9. Sea420


    The poms brought us such Engineering masterpieces as the Austin Alegro and Ford Cortina. This bathtub is nothing short of ugly. Unless the shape is masked for our pleasure........
  10. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Like a Steely Dan, these arms are giant steam powered dildos that are going to cut a gash large and wide into the Waitemata. So large in fact that it could swallow up all the speculation and garbage spouted here.
  11. Sea420

    Foil Arms

    You're kidding right? These pages are filled with fat bald fanbots yanking on their cocks and jizzing out epoxy. I know this because I myself produce part B.
  12. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Folic arms have arrived at the boat building facility.
  13. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Nope. These are new boats I reckon. Both the hull and deck look to be different than the last iteration. These things look like they'll be faster, much faster. 1000HP last time verses 1600HP now. The big Z sticker on the front hints that the fuel at least is covered.
  14. Sea420

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The AC is more than just the sailors.
  15. Sea420

    AC36 - The Venue

    Yeah well, three is the minimum amount of teams required to hold The Americas Cup. I'm fine with that because it'll mean no confused Americans wandering around asking if there's a McDonald's near here. You're welcome Trumptard.