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  1. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Emirates Team New Zealand has 90 +/- 10 days to go until launch of boat one. While all of you examine the rusty attempts of the lesser team's iteration of test boats, and slide your foreskins back and forth, serious work goes on by people with more design prowess in their toenail clippings than you lot have collectively. One thing is certain here. That the shit you lot spout from your cum receptacles to the keyboard is totally worthless. Where have the positive contributors to this once excellent thread gone? For now, I'll wait and look forward to pictures and video of the real boats. Pah.
  2. Sea420

    Team NZ

    As I recall, I been here quite a bit longer than Priscilla but, (including the two and a half year ban) hey we're all even around the cans right? Priscilla's all right. She just needs to flex her hate muscles now and then. Now, there's plenty of new news about so, let's put the rocks down and a start trying to figure this here mess out.
  3. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Do you have any AC discussion contributions to make here boy, or are you here to make yourself feel tough by abusing other peoples posts?
  4. Sea420

    Team NZ

    What makes you think I'm human? I'm part of all humanity, of you and everyone you ever and never will meet. You sir are a troll, a thread hijacker and therefore lower than rankest and most rotten of cunts. Keep reading the Readers Digest though you'll pick up a few fancy words every month.
  5. Sea420

    MALTA Challenge...all but confirmed

    Listen up Pusslicker, with your profile picture being a screenshot of the very moment in AC34 that Emirates Team New Zealand and Dean Barker lost the Challenge for The Americas Cup, you sir are a cocksucker. Please amend your profile picture to one of yourself sucking on a cock. Also, lose "licker" off your username. Then you'll be, "Puss" meaning festering infection, of which you are. Any person who relishes the failure of others is not honorable but, a perpetual loser who has contributed nothing of significance to this world other than hate and fear.
  6. Fucking saint.

    1. barfy


      yup. gotta hallo hangin on my bedpost

  7. Sea420

    Team NZ

    It's a nice shop all right. Parking is shit though. The street name the building sits on is appropriate, lols. 2 ovens big enough for hull and top sides, another smaller one for smaller bits. Good office area and place to sit and fill ya guts with a good kai. Like everything with Emirates Team New Zealand in AC36, everyone will be surprised at the resources and effort being put in to give the design, construction and sailing teams the best possible start. The boat building facility is no exception. Down at the VEC, the workshop is coming together too. This is an impressive space big enough for two AC75 boats to be parked inside! Believe me guys and girls, your cocks and cunts will be hard and juicy when you see what's in store. So, Fuck you Larry, we're gonna do this right.
  8. Sea420

    Team NYYC

    Flushing Jimmy was the best thing ever done. America produces some very talented and gracious sailors. For Team Larry to recruit foreigners was insulting to every aspiring sailor born in the USA. This is one of the reasons I gave Team Larry fanboys so much shit. By proxy, OTUSA was an international team with a mostly Australasian crew on and off the water. Calling the team, "USA" was like calling an apple a banana. It was bullshit. The nationality rule for the team is good. For the sponsor, it cannot be. It'd be a very unfair advantage. Oh and good riddance OTUSA and fuck you Jimmy.
  9. Sea420

    Team NZ

    Defender and Challenger Of Record progress AC36 planning 5th March 2019 The plans for the 36th America's Cup presented by Prada are progressing, with clearer guidelines now set for the future. Following on from meetings held in Auckland last week between the Defender and Challenger of Record, an agreement has been reached to resolve a series of issues in the best interest of the event. Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of the Prada Group and Chairman of the Challenger of Record met with the Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand, in Auckland and an agreement was reached to resolve a number of pending issues, some of which were already before the Arbitration Panel. Together they have agreed all current outstanding issues including a mutually agreed settlement to the America’s Cup Arbitration case filed on the 12th of February 2019 regarding the dispute on the validity of late entries. Under the settlement agreement an amendment to the Protocol allowing the deferred payment of the late entry fee has been agreed and the validity of the three late entry challenges accepted. The settlement therefore clears the way for the Defender and Challenger of Record to continue to work progressively on planning the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada as well as all associated events between now and the end of the event in March 2021. “We welcomed Mr. Bertelli and his team to Auckland and appreciated his positive engagement to the event. We share an overarching desire for this event in 2021, as well as all lead up events, to be remembered as the best America’s Cup ever,” said Emirates Team New Zealand CEO, Grant Dalton. “It is no secret there have been some outstanding issues that needed to be resolved, but the fact that Mr. Bertelli took the time to personally come down to Auckland is testament of the mutual respect between us, which bodes well for the event in general. The path is therefore now clear for the late entries to continue building their respective campaigns to try to participate and the Defender and Challenger of Record will give whatever support they can.” Mr Bertelli and Grant Dalton also met with the Hon David Parker and Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff to discuss the plans for the event and presented Mr. Bertelli’s vision for the America’s Cup village which were well received, details of which will be released in due course. “It was an honour and a pleasure to meet the Hon David Parker MP and Mayor Goff, to share the Challenger of Record’s vision for the Event Village of 36th America's Cup. This time spent in Auckland was very important for me to understand how to best integrate our event with the New Zealand culture and with its unique waterfront. It sends a strong signal of friendship and cooperation for the months to come,” said Patrizio Bertelli.
  10. Sea420

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    In the vicinity of Westhaven Marina, Orams and Titan Marine they'll be finding far worse. Tin, copper, lead and a right old mixture of biocides. At the end of the day, that stuff is better out to sea than in the harbour.
  11. Sea420

    Team NZ

    The Viaduct Harbour has stopped use of the public berths, (temporary ones for boarding and dropping off passengers). THIS was a condition of their resource concent and now the contractor's work boats are occupying these berths. Clearly, the contractors don't want to pay VH for a proper berth. Greed, for want of a better word, is good. THIS though, is really shit.
  12. Sea420

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Does that mean this thread should be moved to the one design area in SA?
  13. Sea420

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    What a load of nonsense. The tidal trend for sediment is West to East out where the spoil will be deposited. This is known as longshore drift. None of the spoil will get anywhere near GBI. Newshub asked some pot-growing hillbilly from GBI who knows sweet fuck all about the actual situation. Proper Marine Engineers know where to place spoil to mitigate the environmental impact. The zone as approved, is well outside the Hauraki Gulf and in deep water. Several hundred samples of the spoil have been taken and there's nothing unusual about the results regarding heavy metals or chemicals. This is spoil from Auckland Haubour not some industrial settling pond. About the worst thing you'll find is an old bicycle dumped in the harbour from 1986. Typical dumb kiwis getting dumber kiwis to comment on stuff only smart kiwis should. Now. Everyone get back to buying all your shit in plastic bags and shitting out toxic ass gas whilst driving your V8 BMW to get some smokes from the corner store. We've got 12 years to save the planet from irreversible damage that'll see climate change so severe that all life on earth will cease to exist in 140 years. Are you doing anything to prevent this? *Opens anothet plastic bottle of water and throws cap into the sea.......
  14. Sea420

    Team NYYC

    Pah. And I thought you were an AC fanboy. Looks like you're just here for the pussy.
  15. Sea420

    Team NYYC

    Americans. No surprises there. Someone is going to build a lime as much as another will a monster. I'm banking on a Taniwha from Emirates Team New Zealand and a lime from Ben. I'm in Auckland. I've got a boat. I'm taking the whole 6 weeks off for this AC. What are you doing? Oh.