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  1. Sea420

    Foil Arms

    You're kidding right? These pages are filled with fat bald fanbots yanking on their cocks and jizzing out epoxy. I know this because I myself produce part B.
  2. Sea420

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The AC is more than just the sailors.
  3. Sea420

    AC36 - The Venue

    Yeah well, three is the minimum amount of teams required to hold The Americas Cup. I'm fine with that because it'll mean no confused Americans wandering around asking if there's a McDonald's near here. You're welcome Trumptard.
  4. Sea420

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    BTW. I still reckon this thread has no place in the SAAC topics.
  5. Sea420

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Agreed. Brilliant match racing moment.
  6. Sea420

    Foil Arms

    The Italians are on holiday and dont give a fuck. How was it possible that anyone thought the Italians would be reliable in any case? At least two teams appear to be ready for the arms right now. Get your shit together greasers.
  7. Sea420

    Foil Arms

    Typical Italians. Late.
  8. Sea420

    How many challengers will there be?

    It's a bummer the Dutch wont be there. It would've added a little something to the competition. (Other than a big bag of weed)
  9. Sea420

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    This topic should be struck from this forum. This is the SAAC not, some fanciful place where we celebrate billionaire sycophant wankers why cry like little bitches when they lose a few races and start something else up to satisfy some deep seated mommy issues. The GP series is nothing short of lame.
  10. Sea420

    Team NYYC

    Well yeah. We'll all soon be yelling "cunt" at each other over the bullshit theories and estimations from one and all. The same old anoraks will be in here, full of their own ego and spouting Trump-like garbage for the meek to lap up and regurgitate at the polite dinner table as their own. Its fucking disgusting. At one stage, many years ago, I thought this place was replete with civilised cunts. Perhaps, it's just the latter. Anyway. I've got a boil that needs lancing. I've named the cunt of a thing, Jimmy.
  11. Sea420

    Team NYYC

    Well. They can transition now. Not slick but, looking like it will be so soon. These guys are fast becoming my number two team. They're humble and just happy to be doing this right now.
  12. To hijack the current thing on this thread and suppose the question 23 pages of chatter ago, I think the following. In 2013 I was sailing my 28 foot boat around the Waitemata and watching in astonishment as the AC72 cats buzzed about. Then in 2016 the AC50 cat was still wicked fast but way more agile and it was again amazing as fuck. The size difference between the 72 and 50 took some of the stiffness out of my cock but, the maneuverability was something else. Going ugly early is going to be a proper spectacle. Concern for nose dives and sailors rag dolling into the mast and other hard shit forward is sitting in my guts like a bad curry. Once we see these Jesus lizard beasts can be tickled and dance for their masters, l'll take a turd and give it a name. Oh. Barfy. Eat a sack of dicks.
  13. Fucking saint.

    1. barfy


      yup. gotta hallo hangin on my bedpost

  14. Sea420

    Team NYYC

    Flushing Jimmy was the best thing ever done. America produces some very talented and gracious sailors. For Team Larry to recruit foreigners was insulting to every aspiring sailor born in the USA. This is one of the reasons I gave Team Larry fanboys so much shit. By proxy, OTUSA was an international team with a mostly Australasian crew on and off the water. Calling the team, "USA" was like calling an apple a banana. It was bullshit. The nationality rule for the team is good. For the sponsor, it cannot be. It'd be a very unfair advantage. Oh and good riddance OTUSA and fuck you Jimmy.
  15. Sea420

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    In the vicinity of Westhaven Marina, Orams and Titan Marine they'll be finding far worse. Tin, copper, lead and a right old mixture of biocides. At the end of the day, that stuff is better out to sea than in the harbour.