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  1. Live Racing Thread

    Thanks from this Canuck to all the guys who posted video links and helped me see the Kiwis bring the cup back to Auckland. Another AC for the history books. Congrats to all the Kiwi supporters who put heart and soul into supporting this amazing team.
  2. DeVos Hearings - Secretary of Education

    UNESCO is the basis for the establishment of Education as a basic human right. It is a human right in the US because the US is a signatory to the agreement. But, leave UNESCO and/or leave the UN and the US can decide whether it is a human right for US citiizens or not. Today, any denial of an education is an infringement of US law. "Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits. Yet millions of children and adults remain deprived of educational opportunities, many as a result of poverty. Normative instruments of the United Nations and UNESCO lay down international legal obligations for the right to education. These instruments promote and develop the right of every person to enjoy access to education of good quality, without discrimination or exclusion. These instruments bear witness to the great importance that Member States and the international community attach to normative action for realizing the right to education. It is for governments to fulfil their obligations both legal and political in regard to providing education for all of good quality and to implement and monitor more effectively education strategies."
  3. North American Mini Fleet

    A good question - probably no one simple answer. To race a Mini PHRF doesn't take any additional effort if clubs do not insist on an existing rule that excludes boats under 25'. It seems as though most, if not all, clubs today recognize the reputation of Minis for their seaworthiness and speed. But, Minis get poor PHRF ratings so skippers who want to "win", rather than compete aren't keen on PHRF races. Duncan Gladman had the satisfaction of racing his proto 415 DH'ed alongside a fully crewed TP52 off the W coast of Vancouver Island in the VanIsle 360. That's the kind of experience most Mini skippers relish in PHRF races. Clubs are willing to create a Mini class if they get 4 or 5 entries. The B 1-2 for example. But the Mini owners have to get organized and co-operate. That has been a problem. The US Mini Class started in 2007 (approx) did get a website up and running but the organization didn't survive beyond the "teething problem" stage of development. The SH Transpac and the B 1-2 are the only two long ocean races that have attracted a handful of entries. I think the only Mini Class race that has been held in NA was the West Coast race - Victoria to San Francisco. If we can get the owners talking to each other, and if we can locate all the unused boats, maybe we can strengthen the activity around Annapolis and San Francisco. I have an idea to help get the older boats racing. But I need contact information for more owners. Do any SF forum readers know if #72Miamti is still sitting on her trailer at the Berkeley Sailing Centre? Does any one know where in the Bay area Jeff Dingle's project boat #773 Peregrine is? Race organizers are will to establish a Mini class
  4. North American Mini Fleet

    Thanks, I will change owner's name for 839 728 David Pronos Zero from San Diego is racing on the Classe Mini circuit in the Med and is not returning to the US - so have taken her off the list. Another boat in Europe taken off the list is 252 Myrna Minkoff. That is a great pity as Ryan Finn sailed her in the 2007 B 1-2 and still holds the three records for the Mini class - 1st in SH leg 1 86.31 hrs, DH leg 2 in 121.9 hrs and overall 207.5 hrs
  5. North American Mini Fleet

    Thanks for the info received Two more changes: The correct name of 751, Joe Cooper's Wylie, is Bushranger not Bushwhacker! 577 WAFI, built by Drew Wood, is now named Biohazard, owned by Jerome Sammarcelli and listed for sale here on SA for $120,000 Does anyone know if 72 is still on her trailer at the Berkeley Marina?
  6. North American Mini Fleet

    Thanks, One more Mini enrolled, but need more info on this boat entered for 2017 B 1-2: #831 Trouble No Trouble S- Pogo 2 Brian Gray (Need home port info)
  7. I have been absent for some time but am back with an interest in North American Minis again. I will bring NorthAmericanMiniTransat.com back to life too very soon. Not to import boats but to help with the sale of used boats and share info on Minista news. My old list of NA Minis needs updating and I would appreciate help to make sure it is accurate. If anyone has any updates to the fleet I would greatly appreciate it if you would post a note here. North American Mini Fleet # Name Year S/P Designer Skipper & Location 72 Miamti 1991 P Lombard Jean-Yves Lendormy, San Francisco, CA 112 1993 P Magnen Jack Boye, Portsmouth, RI 175 Pogo Loco 2000 S – Pogo 1 Rolland Philippe LaVille, Stoke, QC, Canada 176 Hydraplay 1997 P Romanelli Justin Hickey, ??? 179 Josephine 1993 P Petegehm ??????? 252 Myrna Minkoff '99 P Finot Ryan Finn, New Orleans, LA 305 Reve Bleu 2000 P Rolland Laers Malburg, ??? 332 Genasun 1991 S – Pogo 1 Rolland Alex McVay, Boston, MA 415 2003 P Berret-Racoupeau Jay Sharkey, Newport, RI 433 Liquid Flight 2004 P Manuard Brian Caldwell, Honolulu, HI 447 Running With Scissors P Dix 1 Sam Ausmuss, Clear Water Shores, TX 524 Team Reaching Kids P Dix 1 ??? PA 530 Daisy Cutter 2004 P- Mod Zero Lombard Sean McGinn, San Francisco, CA 574 Pocket Rocket '06 P Rogers Emma Creighton, San Francisco, CA 575 Acadia 2006 P Johnstone Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum, CT 577 WAFI 2006 P Rolland Phil MacFarlane, San Francisco, CA 578 Reach Now 2010 P Rolland Denver Hopkins, ??? 655 OGOC 2006 S-Zero Lombard Dianne Reid, Toronto, ON, Canada 656 2006 S-Zero Lombard John Saul, Sausalito, CA 670 Poco Loco 2007 S-Zero Lombard Taylor Cuevas, San Francisco, CA 675 2007 S-Zero Lombard Tim Seifert, St. Johns, ND, Canada 680 Minimus 2007 S-Zero Lombard Nathan Baron, Kingston, ON, Canada 693 2008 P Dix 2 Dave Christianson, Phoenix, AZ 702 Frogger 2008 S-Tip Top Manuard Chtristian Reimer, New York, NY 705 Vache 1995 P Finot-Richardson Kendall Fitrell, Annapolis, MD 710 2008 P Dix 2 Sam Ausmuss, Clear Water Shores, TX 714 Koh Samia 2009 S-2win Schickler-Tagliapetra Santiago Reyero, San Diego, CA 718 Benjamin 2006 S-Super Calin Magnan Guy Hernandez, Levis, QC, Canada 726 Antidote 2008 S-Zero Lombard ?????, Montreal, QC, Canada 728 Aria 2008 S-Zero Lombard David Prono, France 749 Rakko 2008 P Dix 2 Sylvain levesque, ???, QC, Canada 751 Bushwhacker 1999 P Wylie Joe Cooper, Newport, RI 752 EKO 2009 P Rolland Sam Ausmuss, Clear Water Shores, TX 773 Peregrine 2009 S-M65 Owen-Clarke Jeffrey Dingle, Berkeley, CA 783 Glloq 2009 P Gibault Nicholas Gibeault, Ottoburn Park, QC, 806 S-Pogo 2 Tony Leigh, ????? 829 Abilyn S-Pogo 2 Josh Reisberg, ???, NY 837 Team Wichard '?? S-RG650 Vernon Hutzler, ???? 839 Libra S-Pogo 2 Gregory Saramite, ??,CA 853 Voodoo Child 2013 P Dix 2 ??? BC, Canada 855 Uptown Girl 2013 P Dix 2 John Keightley, Aldergrove, BC, Canada
  8. On-scene in San Francisco

    "...The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it..." Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
  9. boatbuilding

    Come on Ze - any sign of the sap rising? Time for an update
  10. boatbuilding

    Hi Zeyang, Happy New Year. Nice pic, but ... Why no info on the lady-boat-builder? Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement? A
  11. boatbuilding

    Zeyang, Thanks for this thread. Best wishes for a great Christmas holiday. Looking forward to 2011 & your progress reports - keep the pics coming, NAMT
  12. boatbuilding

    Are you ready with an update for October? Hope all is progressing well with the boat building (I do like broccoli, honey & veggies but am thirsting for boat news).
  13. boatbuilding

    Wow, hope you recover fast from the accident - it gave me goose-bumps & a recollection. In the 60s I worked in the N, a first nations guy walking home was hit by a train & had a plate installed in his head. A few weeks later he & I were caught in a hail storm, he had no hat & was 'knocked out' by the force of the stones on the plate! Maybe you will need to keep your head down & not look up to see how big hail stones are in future. A local urban farm coop has taken over our big garden to grow veggies for the local restaurants, just started with chickens & bees may be next - so please add me to your farm collective e-mail. I will be in touch when the boat is at the stage where I might contribute some time & labour.
  14. boatbuilding

    Hi Z, Please tell your Canuck crewmember that should she ever be in Victoria she has earned a ride or two in the Gulf Islands. I used to be proud of our political leaders' roles in peace-keeping, banning mines, international development - now my sights are focused on how individual Canadians make me proud. I have added your anonymous coop member to my list.
  15. boatbuilding

    Me too. Are you still working on the farmhouse accommodations & constraints?