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  1. Antoine31

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    At least we now know why her face was obscured in the earlier videos.
  2. Antoine31

    head like a hole

    What? They didn't come with a back-up hull? This can hardly be considered GP racing.
  3. Antoine31

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    What happened to that woman's face?
  4. Antoine31

    A big project!

    "massive Effort" costs money.
  5. Antoine31

    A big project!

    $1 million would be a great bargain. More like $4 million. Those shiny knees got to be worth $1 million alone.
  6. Antoine31

    Where to move?

    You may have a point.
  7. Antoine31

    A big project!

    I think I remember that some wooden boats were built with galvanized iron floors that lasted for many decades.
  8. Antoine31

    A big project!

    Yes, that was beautiful.
  9. Antoine31

    Yrvind's Off

    Yikes! Wondered what had happened to this guy from years ago. Good for him!
  10. Antoine31

    A big project!

    I now understand why they invented fiberglass.
  11. Antoine31

    Supreme Court Rules on DACA

    Donnie not doing too well these days, not to mention all the books.....
  12. Antoine31

    A big project!

    It's starting to look like a boat!
  13. Antoine31

    A big project!

    Sharp tools.
  14. Antoine31

    A big project!

    Amazing what one man with a come-along can accomplish. This guy is astonishing. And BTW, has anyone sailed a Star boat? I always found them intimidating, with their tiny cockpit and low boom. Must be fast though.
  15. Antoine31

    A big project!

    My question: How would this compare to the way the boat was built originally in 1910? Seems like this build is much more precise, careful and exact than the original, and employs more workers than they did in the old days.