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  1. s.v.Wavelength

    eleictric outboard for a dinghy

    To make my choice I will visit the Amsterdam bot show this week. Certainly the Torqeedo and the Spirit will be there, so I hope I can make a good evaluation.
  2. s.v.Wavelength

    eleictric outboard for a dinghy

    Electric outboard from all the comments up to now I learned a lot. My idea to replace my gas outboard by an electric one is only getting stronger. I think that I prefer a solution with an integrated battery in stead of an external battery, although it can have some advantages (price, more easily follow a new technology by replacing). That is the reason that the EP-carry is not so interesting (next to the lack of distributorship in Europe and the noise level!). Other solutions as Minikota, Yamaha etc. are not the best solution for me. The Torqeedo and the Spirit seem to be quite equal but: Noise level seems to be an advantage of the Spirit, but Torqeedo says that the new 1103 C can be better ( in their new folder they say 33 dB but I am still waiting for an explanation on that figure from their R&D department) UV resistance could be a problem for Torqeedo: a lot of plastic and I red a lot of complaints. The Torqueedo salesman warned me to to protect it from the sun if it is not in use. Weight is an advantage for the Torqeedo especially because of the 3 parts what makes handling easier Anti-theft protection is probably better for the Spirit (the battery can more easily be protected with a chainlock) and the 3 parts of the Torqeedo make this more complicated. IP67 and seawater protection looks OK for both, the plastic of the Torqeedo is maybe safer then the aluminium of the Spirit but the Sprit has a floating battery. GPS is an advantage of the Torqeedo but if some reviews are right it makes the Torqeedo much less reliable (and there are a lot of reviews where the reliability in general of the Torqeedo is a point of doubt for me). Price the new Torqeedo 1103c is more expensive. I am still studying the project but up to now I like to thank you all for your comments on this topic. (a pity I could not correct the type error in the topicname, it must me electricity!)
  3. s.v.Wavelength

    eleictric outboard for a dinghy

    I wonder how you attached the cable lock on the battery? Is there something foreseen to attach a cable? The dealer of the Spirit saw no solution for it. Would this be an advantage of the Torqeedo? Or did you find a solution yourself?
  4. s.v.Wavelength

    eleictric outboard for a dinghy

    To replace a heavy mercury outboard I intend to buy an electric one for my Zodiac 2.60S. I think I have mainly two options: - Torqeedo 1103C (new from march 2019) - Epropulsion Spirit The Spirit is cheaper, the battery is a bit larger, and the engine is partly made of aluminium (zinc-anode protected) and exists of 2 parts. The new Torqeedo claims only 33 dB soundlevel, and has an incorporated GPS and a possible link to smartphone exists of 3 parts and is partly plastic. When I read all(?) comments on the forum I think the complaints on noiselevel do not count anymore for the new Torqeedo. It looks like they copied the good things from the Spirit in this 1103C and if the specifications on paper are correct they are maybe better than the spirit in that matter? What I miss in both engines is that there is no anti-theft protection for the battery. If I sail in the dinghy to a place and go for a walk (or a drink or meal) I can lock the complete engine with some outboard-lock but somebody can easily steal the battery. And if the figures are right, the weight of the Torqeedo 9kW battery is 7 kg, the Spirit battery almost 10kg, so not a pleasure to carry. Maybe somebody has already a solution for this problem for a torqeedo or for the spirit?