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  1. Grith

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    Hi TBW Very rare to find anything even remotely resembling facilities like those here in Australia. These days National Parks here would be charging for anything like that if they chose to build it at all and would probably use some environmental reason to force you to use them as well. Personally I far prefer to go just a little larger and stay onboard for the full on water living experience whilst retaining all the cruising grounds flexibility of a trailable yacht. The cockpit of a yacht at sunset can be one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can even anchor right in front of some multi millionaires hugely expensive water front mansion if you chose and soak in the sunset between him and the view. Personally I prefer some secluded bay but always have a little laugh when I see this somehow invisaging how the mast could be a huge one fingered salute if they were the dislikable type. We have had this discussion before but I feel living and sleeping onboard is so much more enjoyable than retreating onto land for me. No humping stuff on and off the boat, fridge, stove, seating and bed right there. In fact everything you have taken on the trip is virtually at your finger tips. Dinner may even chose to present itself in the waters off the stern. I generally have a line out and a Gigi to hand ( I don’t know what you guys call them ) it’s a very long pole with a milti pronged head at one end and a loop of rubber at the other with which you can shoot it. I sometimes get something to supplement the dried food and beans. I view the cockpit as the house verandah complete with outdoor setting and the internal dinette as the cosy combined lounge dining room to retreat to when it gets cold or the bugs start to bite. Too many wines or beer and much later just roll into bed. Horses for courses. Regards Graeme
  2. Grith

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Looks precarious perched there without props. Some one might need to call Timber! If it’s hit by a big gust.
  3. Grith

    Yachts Too Far From Water

    Next photo being pulled over but the cops and given a citation?
  4. Grith

    Yachts Too Far From Water

    Hi Billy It wasn’t abandoned we were towing it back from a sailing holiday in far North Queensland to where we lived in Perth Western Australia right through the middle of Australia and were using the yacht as a caravan on this long desert journey. We actually were watching parts of the 2000 Sydney Olympics which were on at the time of our travels. I had purchased a cheap TV and was running it with my camping generator. It sat at the foot of our bed in the Jarcat 6. It also ran our fridge for the odd much needed cold one. My now ex partner had wanted to actually go to the Olympics but I needed to get back for work as we had already been on that Trailer Sailing holiday for three months by then. We did a side trip out to Ularu (Ayers Rock) and slept at its foot in the Jarcat as well. It was a really long way from the nearest sailing water out there.
  5. Grith

    Remote Cruising on Trailable Yachts

    Hi Russell I threw you a challenge by PM to help find my some large but still readily trailable long range part time liveaboard cruising trailer sailers that other people could consider for wilderness exploring. I have some favourites myself but was interested in your thoughts. My goal has never been to promote the Imexus just to promote large cruising trailer sailers as an alternative to smaller fixed keel cruisers. If my Imexus just had a 9.9 Yamaha 4 Stroke on my stern outboard bracket I doubt many would blink an eye at it never mind chose to make your comments about neither fish nor foul and being a lousy yacht and lousy powerboat. Now as a yacht it has perfectly adequate speed off the wind and high speed planing under kite due to a flattish planing stern and 30 foot mast, big main and big genoa for a cruiser and a big assymetrical kite. It is also relatively light as I generally dump 730 kgs of ballast in all but really challenging conditions. It will go upwind and tack through a fairly tight angle but water ballast, swing keel and flat stern does mean reduced up wind speed. As a cruising yacht however direct upwind is often avoided and I often see cruising keel yachts and TS’s doing direct upwind at hull speed under motor anyway. If you are in a cruising yacht of similar length I think I might be waving on the way past under kite downwind and will definately be docked and in the bar or already pulled out, derigged and gone if directly competing upwind under motor. Finally as a 28 foot powerboat it will sleep 5-6 in comfort, travel at 25-30knots depending on load and only uses 1.6 litres per hour at 6 knots hull speed cruising. Sure it hasn’t got a forward mounted internal steering station but it has got a spray dodger and shade over the helm via bimini. You are also not calling the coast guard if the engine dies as you can just sail home. I really love the Dradonfly 28’s for similar use but not their pricing. RL28’s, Court 750’s, Farr 7500’s ( but don’t like the skeg) and other 70-80’s TS’s are great but getting very old now.
  6. Grith

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    Hi Tom How does it handle high speed towing on the road and what unit is it? PS Great shed but no yachts.
  7. Grith

    Yachts Too Far From Water

    Nope I was wrong. It really looks like one of the ships there but was filmed in the Mojave Desert and was just a 20 foot model trick filmed aparantly. So it doesn’t count. Regards Graeme
  8. Grith

    Yachts Too Far From Water

    Yep I think that might actually have been filmed at the Aral region.
  9. Grith

    The Zombie Fleet

    Yes 85% complete but nearly all the expense in re-equpping is often in that last 15%. Its a bit like new house builds or renovations. Almost complete is nowhere near complete.
  10. Grith

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Hi Jabber I should have looked . Good on you! I was also once a racer myself and have now gone an entirely different direction. Talk about trying to teach grandpa how to suck eggs. How embarrassing! Please excuse. My excuse is my phone doesn’t show number of posts like my computer when I get to it.
  11. Grith

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Hi Kim/Jim Was that a fat finger moment Jim? Yeah I agree exactly but also come from a much maligned industry where every one thinks you are crooked before you even open your mouth when some of us are actually highly skilled, ethical and caring. Many people are quick to judge and pigeon hole people and ideas if they have preconceived opinions and don't step back for a bigger picture look.
  12. Grith

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Hi Kim Ha ha Yes Girth rather than Grith might be getting more appropriate as I get a bit older and a bit fatter. No extreme sports, expedition leader, six pack owning athlete any more sadly now pushing 60. Perhaps it depends what thread you end up on but I have definitely copped some flack for having a big cruising oriented Trailer Sailer and promoting these type of yachts as an alternative cruising and living platform to deep keel blue water cruising yachts. Many seem to jump in with performance oriented TS's and racing aspirations or just decry the compromises required to get accommodation only normally available in 30 foot plus keel boats into a genuinely trailable package. I will admit that further to this my yachts particular very substantial inboard engine also throws many people even though it is not the focus of my cruising oriented TS and not the focus of my encouragement for others to look at big road trailable yachts for easy moving between different cruising destinations. Regards Graeme Grith
  13. Grith

    Yachts Too Far From Water

    Hi KC375 Yes very sad. Apparently they have made some recent advances in retrieving the North Aral and some fish are back and the water level has risen. I think the south Aral may be too far gone however. Lake Mead and Lake Powell are some pretty impressive inpoundments but also appear to have been badly over used. I visited them many years ago when kayaking The Grand Canyon. They had a reasonable amount of water in them back then and hope some of the flooding or snow melt problems we have heard of over here get water down that far. We have a similar drying problem here in Australia with the Murray River which recently has seen millions of fish die off including enormous very old Murray Cod due to water quality from a combination of drought with overuse from irrigation. I am going to sail the length of the Murray in a few years time so I am hoping a combination of political action and rainfall makes this viable.
  14. Grith

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Hi Jabber I agree entirely. Just a heads up from another recent newbie, from experience if you haven't got a race winning or at least fast upwind style yacht there are some here who don't seem to get how enjoyable it is just messing around in boats under sail. Better here in CA than over in SA but even here many seem to focus on performance or style over cruising use and ability. At least this thread is on Retirement Boat Dreaming so perhaps the young bucks and the computer desk sailors will let some of us older bastards talk about cruising use and comfort. LOL