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  1. It bums me out how few places are still making their own covers and such too, I think Colie Sails and Moorhouse are the only ones? So much better quality that what you would get from laser
  2. Buy the APS location call it East Coast Sailing?
  3. J boats are lame get a Melges
  4. LTFF

    Craigslist Finds

    I think I found a good use for my stimulus check...
  5. LTFF

    How far do people travel to club race?

    Local club is a bike ride away, In the winter I drive 3 hours each way for a laser frostbite series. It's really the only option for me that time of year if I want to race competitively
  6. LTFF

    Composite Radial Lower

    So with Tokyo postponed a year is the lower becoming legal pushed back as well?
  7. LTFF

    Will Star go back to the Olympics?

    While we're at it lets retain the Finn for 2024 as well
  8. LTFF

    Online sailing movies

    I really want a happy gilmore style sailing movie
  9. LTFF

    what's your yacht club doing?

    Lucky for me theres no one really around my club this time of year anyway so I've been able to still take my laser out
  10. LTFF

    Used 49er

    I'm in NJ but I'm willing to drive
  11. LTFF

    Used 49er

    I'm considering getting a used 49er (preferably with a FX rig). Preferably on the cheap end as I really only want it to playground with and maybe take a few of the more advanced junior sailors out on to get them more excited about sailing. I don't care if its beat up or need work as long as it floats. Anyone have suggestions on where to start looking?
  12. LTFF

    Boat Aholics Anonymous

    2 Lasers and a Sunfish. But I'm young and have a large wish list (Wasp, 505, Finn, Melges 24, 49er, the list goes on...)
  13. LTFF

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Really hoping zim becomes a approved manufacturer, it would be nice to have a US built laser again
  14. LTFF

    Sailing dinghy shows in the US?

    Zim and RS sailing had a few dinghies at the Annapolis show