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  1. LTFF

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Really hoping zim becomes a approved manufacturer, it would be nice to have a US built laser again
  2. LTFF

    Sailing dinghy shows in the US?

    Zim and RS sailing had a few dinghies at the Annapolis show
  3. My club skippers don’t have to even be a member to enter the summer race series, but if you want your scores to count for end of the season awards you need to be a member
  4. LTFF


    Here’s what it looks like
  5. LTFF


    Is the nob pfd uscg approved?
  6. LTFF

    Best mainsheet ratchet min 50mm

    Tried the fredrickson in heavy breeze the first time the other day and absolutely hated it, it would be nice in lighter breeze but it just didn't hold well and made easing/triming through puffs miserable. Best I've tried so far is the Harken auto.
  7. LTFF

    Hiking pants

    I've only had the zhik micro fleece ones but I like them a lot, My coach made me get ones with suspenders so thats why I picked them, plus they don't look too dorky
  8. LTFF

    Finn Class making friends?

    I'd love to try a Finn! I sail Radial now so I'm for sure too small but I'm a big fan of big breeze and waves. The Finn looks more fun (and less likely to break) to handle in those conditions than a Laser.
  9. So I don't want to start another thread arguing and complaining that sailing is dying but there has to be a solution that's not "It's too expensive" or "millennials don't care" I've worked at the junior level and seen plenty of young kids sign start at 8-10 but very few of them stick around until high school. I've also been on a land locked college team in the North East that has at least 60 members every year, many of which are first time sailors, and stick with the sport all 4 years but don't continue after graduation. So I believe the number of people interested in sailing is there. The real problem is how do we keep these sailors in the sport, especially since sailing can be a life long sport. Maybe we're burning kids out too fast at the junior level and not guiding them to finding a passion for the sport. At the college level I think there needs to be a better variety of racing, competing almost entirely on a boat that has no avenue after graduation won't inspire many young adults to continue after. Especially since I think may of them would love traveling to a few keelboat/offshore regattas (especially the ones with parties) a year with their friends. How can we get young sailors to invest in the sport for life?
  10. LTFF

    Cursing like a sailor

    Plenty of cursing going on in the radial fleet at national events, especially the boys
  11. Headed down for the boat show this weekend, are there any dinghy demos going on?
  12. LTFF

    Laser Boom Gooseneck insert

    I had my usual vang and outhaul settings for 15kts
  13. So my boom totally came off while tacking I got it back on only to come off again, it looks like the plastic where the gooseneck inserts may have stretched out/warped in the heat? Has anyone had this happen and is it possible to fix? The boom is only about a month old
  14. Im 5’6” and I have no problem being the right for the radial if anything I struggle with not being too heavy, it’s not hard to be 140+ if you’re doing the right weight training to be competitive