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  1. LTFF

    Cursing like a sailor

    Plenty of cursing going on in the radial fleet at national events, especially the boys
  2. Headed down for the boat show this weekend, are there any dinghy demos going on?
  3. LTFF

    Laser Boom Gooseneck insert

    I had my usual vang and outhaul settings for 15kts
  4. So my boom totally came off while tacking I got it back on only to come off again, it looks like the plastic where the gooseneck inserts may have stretched out/warped in the heat? Has anyone had this happen and is it possible to fix? The boom is only about a month old
  5. Im 5’6” and I have no problem being the right for the radial if anything I struggle with not being too heavy, it’s not hard to be 140+ if you’re doing the right weight training to be competitive
  6. New plan: replace the men’s and women’s single handed dinghies with the Finn
  7. Are there any OD restrictions for how you rig Vang Cunningham and outhaul?
  8. LTFF

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Still don’t understand how the aero is cheaper? Even if you argue the hull lasts longer for the price the sails run $100 more than the laser and last I checked white darcon lasts about the same no matter what boat it’s on
  9. LTFF

    Dinghy Wear

    I’ve been pretty comfortable in the zhik superwarm skiff suit its nice because it’s sleeveless so you can wear whatever underneath based on the air temp, it gets a little hot on warm sunny days but you can always go in the cold water to cool off
  10. LTFF

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    @ the ICLA
  11. LTFF

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Kinda surprised that the Dzero didn’t do better but happy to see the laser still hanging on
  12. Talk about shooting your self in the foot when your boat is up for being replaced for the Olympic class
  13. I really like the d-zero, I would have bought one except there aren’t any in the US let alone any fleets. If I had to pick a boat to replace the laser in the Olympics it would be this one by a landslide
  14. I’m just disappointed this is all happening when I’m just getting into the laser, I guess I should have fallen in love with a different single handed dinghy
  15. LTFF

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    The absolute minimum body fat percentage in females is about 8% and males is 2%, based on that a male at the same height/weight as a female has a greater advantage because they have a higher useful mass