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  1. ZobiWan

    Scheduling Club Boat Software/App Needed

    I think I am going to go this route as I have just confirmed the club has GSuite. Thanks one and all.
  2. ZobiWan

    Scheduling Club Boat Software/App Needed

    We have 7 boats shared by about 40 members. We need to control it a little more than what a simple Google Calendar will permit. I need to figure out how to add a reservation system to Goog Calendar...
  3. I belong to a small boat club with 7 club owned boats. One of our biggest frustrations is managing the check out of these boats for casual sailing. Does anyone have suggestions for an inexpensive scheduling application that they have had success? What suggestions do you have for a minimum amount of time to allow for a sail? These are 18 foot keelboats on moorings. They take about 10-15 mins to rig, max. Key features needed: set timeframes boats can be scheduled simple online reservations and canceling be able to view which boats are available and which are not boats with open capacity for crew show available slots per boat whatever else I have n't thought about .... like what?? Thanks in advance!!