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  1. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    Thanks! I’ll look for one of those - haven’t run across one yet, but I’ve been stopping the search engines at 36 ft...
  2. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    I’m in Anderson on Lake Hartwell. Definitely not looking at boats just on this lake. I’ve found Laser 28s as far away al FL and Wisconsin- J35 in Chicago, Kirby 25 in FL, Kirby 30 in Buffalo... C&C 29 in Maryland and an S2 7.9 in Kansas. There seems to be a lot of boats - just not too local. Several of these are short term bargains to own - probably long term $$$ pits though - well, more than others. having something I could tow / trailer with a 3/4 ton truck seems to be way more cost effective long term as marine cradle lifts and bottom job services are lacking on our lake.
  3. 89Tiger


    Looking for a club racer / light weekend cruiser and have found a J35 at what appears to be a very good price. Good rigging, sails, etc. appears to have been well used, but also well maintained. “Cheap” price is because of a reported “high moisture content” found by owner after he bought it a couple of years ago. Question - how high is high? A 35 year old boat is going to have moisture, but it shouldn’t be out of life should it? Im going to make the 10 hr trip to see it for myself - any key advice from some of y’all with good experience on these J boats would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    Turns out the Santana is in really bad shape - interior is really bad, delaminated wood in the cabin top, rotted wood on the midship bulkhead that the chain plates run through to. Bad patch job on the transom - most everything appeared to be repairable, but I’d spend far more time working on it than sailing for the next couple of years at least given my available time - think I’m gonna keep looking.
  5. 89Tiger


  6. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    Update - saw the boat. It’s been pretty neglected for several year - needs new lines, maybe sails. Interior is dry - no obvious signs of current leaks - but it’s pretty dirty. The hull is sound- no soft spots that I could find. The rig is very solid! Yanmar starts up and runs like a clock. It is set up strictly for cruising - no spinnaker - only the main and a roller furling jib/ Genoa that’s pretty massive. I hope to go look at a Santana 30/30 that also needs some ‘TLC’ - and rates 126 phrf - would be a better performance boat - and it’s cheap.
  7. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    Any idea of the value? Fair price?
  8. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    Thanks for the info - wonder what a set of sails will cost for that boat? Dacron probably- no need to spend money on 3DL or Mylar for one of these is there?
  9. 89Tiger

    Sail or Bail?

    And less if you decide you really want to sell it. God help you if you NEED to sell it - that number quickly approaches zero.
  10. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    There’s a Hunter 28.5 for sale locally on CL. I know nothing about Hunter other than the reputation isn’t great and they aren’t “racing fast” whatever that means. For daysailing, Light weekend cruising and club racing it doesn’t look like an awful option to me - at least cheap hydrotherapy. anybody own one? Sailed on one? Advice? Things to watch out for? Value? thanks
  11. Tripp 26? In combing through threads here, I came across a suggestion that someone look into a Tripp 26 as a club racer, light cruise boat. I did a little googling and think boat looks great for what I’m looking to do - problem is I haven’t found any for sale. Anyone know of one? I’m in SC, but don’t mind driving pretty much anywhere to pick up the right boat and move it home - especially one of these trailer sailers... thanks