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  1. Perfect suggestion! They delivered quickly - $100 for 2 sheaves, but better than original and better than searching another couple of months to save a few $$$.
  2. ZephyrWerks made exactly what I needed and had it delivered in 4 days - from Port Townsend, WA to South Carolina! Fit perfectly. Better than original.
  3. I have a Laser 28 - bought new halyards and discovered that my pulleys are cracked and in pretty awful condition. Having a heck of a time finding a replacement source - anyone have a favorite supplier? I found a pair of Ronstan plastic pulleys on Amazon that matched diameter but they are too thick to fit in the mast, machining them down doesn’t appear to be an option. 2 5/16 outer diameter 3/8 center hole 9/16 width
  4. Ordered an anode for my Bukh DV8 / DV10 sail drive from Boatzincs.com - the one arrived is apparently one that fits all the bigger sail drives, but not my little DV8/10. Anyone have an idea where to get these Saildrive parts in the USA? found paperwork where the previous owner sourced them from New Zealand of all places. would think I could mine the zinc, make a mold and cast my own for what he paid - but maybe not. Anyone got advice? Thanks
  5. 89Tiger

    Laser 28 owners?

    Well, if you are ever in the Upstate of SC- let’s go sailing on mine!
  6. 89Tiger

    Bottom Paint removal?

    Well, you get to sail in the Sound... I gotta sail on a lake. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I’d trade venues. Of course, my house would cost 10x too, so I could not afford a boat
  7. 89Tiger

    Bottom Paint removal?

    Found a soda blaster guy - towed it to him... he estimates $650 total. Will be done Monday. Probably a bargain vs $300 worth of stripper and time I don’t have. :-)
  8. 89Tiger

    Laser 28 owners?

    Thanks- I had joined that one - but relatively inactive group compared to here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Of course I’m a new, enthusiastic owner. They’ve probably gotten bored with theirs that they’ve owned 30 years.
  9. 89Tiger

    Laser 28 owners?

    Any Laser 28 owners on SA? I’m a brand new Laser 28 owner and I’m sure I’ll need advice along the way. Looking for connections, tuning tips, polars, etc
  10. 89Tiger

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Well that one is apparently gone :-(
  11. 89Tiger

    Bottom Paint removal?

    Thanks for the heads up - I had only checked with the loca marinas that “used to do bottom jobs” but don’t anymore - or have a reputation of keeping a boat for the entire season. A google search netted a couple of reasonably local folks that I’m gonna contact this week. :-)
  12. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

    Thanks. It is the cleanest used boat I’ve ever seen. Last owner is a pilot for American- dude is meticulous and it shows in the boat condition. I’m pretty happy with my choice so far. Prolly less so halfway through a new bottom paint job.
  13. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

  14. 89Tiger

    Hunter 28.5?

  15. 89Tiger

    Bottom Paint removal?

    I’d gladly write the check and have the bottom done for me - but there isn’t anyone around here that does it anymore. I could probably haul it 5 hours to Charleston and find someone there - but that is a bigger pain in the @$$ than the chemical I think. I may video parts of this adventure to help me remember the frustration when I’m all done.