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  1. Israel Hands

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I'm on year 3 at work with my HP laptop. Before that I got 8 years out of a Toshiba. At home I use one of my kids' cast-off laptops - 8 years old. I have an iphone but I'm not happy about Apple's planned-obsolescence programs. Screw Apple.
  2. Israel Hands

    well this is bullshit

    Newbies don't usually burst on the scene with a flamethrower at the Ed. Maybe this is your preacher's avatar?
  3. Israel Hands

    Boat Buying Reality Check: Brokers v. Owners

    I'm thinking that right now is a good time to phone about prospective boats...learn about them and make a list of potentials to look at after we can travel again. Made two calls this week. The first broker was the best I've ever spoken to. Old New Englander who sounds like brokering is just part of a career spent in boatyards. He ticked off the pros and cons of the boat in question in a terse yet thorough way. He answered my list of questions straightforwardly and also volunteered a couple of points about the boat. In short, he helped me quickly qualify myself as interested or not. Second broker I called hasn't bothered to return the call in two days.
  4. Israel Hands

    Boat Buying Reality Check: Brokers v. Owners

    I have been googling boat names and trolling owners' associations to find useful boat history. One boat that seemed like a "good deal" had a very congenial, motivated seller. But I found postings online from a couple of years ago where other owners had strongly advised him not to purchase the boat, which apparently had been abandoned or totaled in the Caribbean before he bought it.
  5. Israel Hands

    cruising anarchy

    Maybe you would like to argue with my son for the next few evenings. That would free up some of my after-work time for looking at sailboats online.
  6. When I read that he paid to watch, I was torn - between feeling sorry for him in his imprisoned state - and happy for his sake he proved he was a perv like the rest of us....
  7. Israel Hands

    coming to a harbor near you?

    many renditions of this
  8. We know that in real estate and items like boats, brokers can perform valuable services, from preparing the property for sale to showing it, aiding in the negotiation, facilitating a contract, etc. At the same time, a boat - especially a larger boat that you expect to take offshore - presents a special circumstance. It's not the same as a house. It's valuable to know if it spent 20 years in the tropics or in New England, two owners ago. An owner's description of what he/she knows about the boat (the good and the not so good parts) can fill in a lot of blanks that the survey may leave out. If the broker leaves out the "less attractive" aspects of a boat to the prospective buyer, that seems to me to be a form of lying by omission. Things you don't know about can lead to disaster offshore. It usually doesn't take much internet sleuthing to track down some of the background on a larger sailboat in the US. You can often find the owner. So my question is: Why not contact the owner of a boat that you find on the internet at the outset, and see if he/she will share with you some of the real history on the boat? I'm not trying to avoid paying brokerage. I just don't want important history - on rudders, chainplates, etc - to be left out of the process of buying a boat. What say ye?
  9. Israel Hands

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    You are more optimistic than me. We were due a recession, and only Trump's scrambling during an election year has kept it pumped up. This will at least bring a recession - no way we are going back to la la land stock market - and that will motivate some to sell lower in order to cash out.
  10. Israel Hands

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    I need to heed my own advice years ago. The best way to buy the boat you want is to walk the docks and pick the idle boat you want, and find the owner. 9 sailboats out of 10 are hardly used and are financial anchors to their owners.
  11. Israel Hands

    Wrong time to buy a boat?

    Ooh that’s cold! Sure, there are fundamental differences, but to a lot of people this looks worse than 2008. And to anyone who has an offshore cruiser and is getting too old to enjoy it, they probably perceive that a bird in the hand...
  12. Israel Hands

    rich folk rule?

    I'm so glad that greedy sociopaths end up taking the same dirt nap as everybody else.
  13. Israel Hands

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Is this the ugly-ass boat thread?
  14. Kinda in the same boat, only on the east coast and looking to step up from my Bene O-350 to more of a blue water someday-retirement boat. Maybe a Passport 40 or slightly bigger. Unfamiliar with the Cal 2-46. Sturdily-built ocean passage maker?
  15. Israel Hands

    Good News Thread

    Someone has to say it - signs of low self esteem. But we support them and they deserve big tips because they look chilly! Surprised nobody has mentioned GEICO...