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  1. Israel Hands

    Front Page..."Fuck this Prick"

    There's 139 pages of Brexit horseshit on this forum, so obviously it's not a sacred rule.
  2. Israel Hands

    Front Page..."Fuck this Prick"

    Jesus Christ.
  3. You should join Lioness in South Carolina. You two share myths and a worldview that is popular there, celebrated each night on the Great Screen:
  4. Not to mention the centuries of sexual predation. How to build a religion where leadership is free to prey on the weak: Select leaders by accepting only those who agree to live a life without a wife and family. Make blind faith a requirement of the congregation. Encourage each member to regularly confess their secret weaknesses to the leader.
  5. Do you have a daughter of child-bearing age? Or grand-daughter?
  6. I'm talking about right now. About the flat-earth religious extremists who want to tell us what we can and cannot do. It's not different from those zealots of 4-500 years ago. If you don't talk about it, you can't stop it.
  7. Israel Hands

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    He clearly is picturing the babes joining him in that aft cabin. Having not followed Zingaro closely, the wife and I watched their break-up video. I said Kimmie must've dumped him after spending that time alone back in Germany, and wife said no way, he looks like a jerk and he dumped her. Who's right?
  8. You are in denial about the role that imposing religion has played on mankind - for the worse. Christian or Muslim, extremism quickly feeds on itself and starts looking the same with the same end result. It's all about imposing your will on others. The US founders who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution in the 1700s were Episcopal deists. They did not hold Puritan or Catholic views of 'religiosity.' Very likely they would be shocked and dismayed about what's going on today - that religious zealots would hold this country hostage with a self-serving "originalist" theory about the constitution.
  9. Wonder if they taught the meaning of "decimation" to all the natives who attended.
  10. Funny thing is how knowledge seems to beget enlightenment, and then the religious zealots step in, often years/decades/centuries later as arbiters of what people believe. Just ask Copernicus...Galileo...etc God deliver us from the likes of Antonin Scalia and Amy Coney Barrett.
  11. More like show you what those natives got. You've got to be kidding me.
  12. Perhaps the most germane oxymoron of the day: Faith-based schools Oh brother
  13. You yankees making broad-brush comments about the South
  14. That ain't no way to address a Lady-G
  15. Israel Hands

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    This ad seems poised on the cusp between mocking and not mocking. Some intrepid spirit took it to the limits of the frigid North...trailing a line. The boat is listed with all the gear for long passages, and someone has made the effort to modify it with electric propulsion for getting in and out of port. On the other hand, the head looks like a johnny-house and the sink has no water. But I believe there is some underlying charm to this boat. Some rugged soul could love it. A bit of bilgekote in places inside would certainly brighten it up too. Rawson 30 - $10,000 (New Bern) <image 1 of 17>